DNA Test in Gujarat

DNA test in Gujarat has really gained popularity. DNA Tests here are more accurate now and solves many unanswered questions. People are happy since they have been waiting for such sophisticated DNA laboratory in here.

DNA Tests proves relation and brings together people who had lost all hopes. DNA tests can be done for peace of mind and also to solve many complicated problems like criminal cases or immigration too.

We have a wide variety of test available. You can opt for Paternity DNA test, Maternity DNA tests and other relationship DNA tests, which can be used for Peace of Mind Legal or immigration purposes.

Certification also ensures reliable results. We also ensure that the results are fast and accurate. As it is our results are faster than any other laboratory in India. Home Sample Collection Facility is also available for DNA Testing in Bihar.

DNA tests have gained acceptance. Initially DNA test were majorly used for immigration. Slowly people found that it was the safest method to clear any doubts in adoption cases. People were not conscious of its benefits but with a growth in awareness these tests have gained popularity. You can also get a DNA test done simply for peace of mind.

The law and similar departments are very happy with DNA test in Gujarat. DNA Testing has made their task quite easy and they can trace the criminal by a simple DNA Test. The test can be carried with the help of a simple sample like saliva, semen, blood, skin, tooth or even a hair.

DNA has helped to unite people who had no hope otherwise to meet their relatives who resided out of this country. Certain countries have made DNA test compulsory for immigration. You have to prove relationship to go to your relatives abroad. In such cases, DNA is a good choice since it is a legal evidence, which no one can reject.

DNA tests have seen a rise in peace of mind cases. Paternity tests, maternity tests and grand parentage are some tests that are done simply for peace of mind. a simple swab tests is also available in these cases. The swab can be rubbed on the inside of the cheek and can be sent for testing. This can prove relation with the child.

The importance of DNA test can be understood in case of war or natural calamity. In such cases the dead bodies are several days old and are spoilt beyond recognition. In such cases it is impossible to recognize the body. DNA test is the only way out to fish out relatives and acquainted people. In certain cases only body parts are available.

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