Prenatal Paternity Test – An Unborn Child DNA Test

Prenatal PaternityEnjoy the most precious phase of your life “pregnancy” by getting a Pre-natal DNA Paternity test. Paternity of the child adds stress to the mom-to-be in this beautiful phase of life when she deserves peace of mind. DDGC has an advanced technology that helps you to get paternity related answers of the unborn child that too in a non-invasive manner.

With us you are assured of accurate results that are scientifically substantiated to determine the paternity even before the baby is born. It is quite human to wish to discover the paternity of the baby before its birth. The advance technology of DDGC helps to get accurate answers early in the pregnancy. There is no risk involved since the samples are collected from the blood of the mother. This test is conducted using the latest DNA mapping technology combined with SNP Technology. This non-invasive Pre-natal DNA testing is absolutely safe for both mother and child.

Cells from the developing fetus float in the bloodstream of the expecting mother. The test can be conducted as early as 8th week of pregnancy. We compare the fetal cells’ profile with that of the presumed father. The reports are delivered within 8-10 working days from the collection of the sample.

DDGC has collection centers all over India and therefore it is very convenient to get the test done. We have ateam of expert counselors who can recommend the right test and also suggest the right time to get it done. Your results are kept confidential.

Why Us ?

  • We provide results in 8 to 10 working days saving you from anxiety.
  • We assure accurate results.
  • We don’t recommend confirmation testing after birth since we are sure in the first test itself.
  • A blood test is done from mother and alleged father.
  • No risk involved.
  • We have collection centers all over India.
  • The test can be performed as early as 8th week of pregnancy.
  • Ours is the most reliable Prenatal Paternity Test in the world.
You must have come across many advertisements for non-invasive paternity test at very cheap rates. They also provide post-birth test for free which proves that they are themselves not sure of their results. Since it requires a lot of advanced equipment that are also expensive, we recommend you to beware of such claims. We, with the help of sophisticated instruments and experienced staff, can handle it with ease.

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