Immigration DNA Test

DDC Laboratories India provides you with Immigration DNA test services to satisfy your immigration requirements along with its experience and expertise.

Immigration DNA Test

A DNA test finds extensive applications in today’s world, including Immigration testing. At DDC Laboratories India, we provide you a NATA, MOJ, or AABB accredited Immigration DNA test in India, all under one roof. Immigration requires two parties Рthe beneficiary and the petitioner. The beneficiary is the person who is applying for the immigrant visa, and the petitioner is someone sponsoring the immigration. For establishing the authenticity of immigration, establishing the genetic relationship between the involved parties is also critical.

In case of a doubt, a consulate officer or the immigration officer may reject the visa application. To save yourself from the troubles of a visa refusal, it is recommended that you get a Immigration testing in advance and apply for the visa along with your Immigration DNA testing report.

Why DDC Laboratories India For an Immigration Test in India?

If you are looking for an accredited Immigration testing in India, DDC Laboratories India is the best option for you. Here we provide you the following types of Immigration DNA testing services at a reasonable and affordable price:

  • AABB Accredited Immigration test– For Immigration to the United States of America
  • NATA Accredited Immigration test – For Australia Immigration
  • MOJ Accredited Immigration test – For the United Kingdom Immigration.

Nations are becoming increasingly cautious in allowing for only authentic applicants. Provision for an Immigration Test not only ensures fair immigration but also helps check crimes. If you are a first-time applicant or reapplying, it is the best and a recommended practice to get a DNA Immigration test beforehand to avoid any chances of visa refusal.
You can directly book an AABB Accredited Immigration DNA Test in India, or an Immigration testing for any other country, by interacting with our customer service representatives.

For AABB, NATA, or MOJ accredited Immigration DNA Tests in India, call us on +91 7042446667 or WhatsApp on +91 9266615552.


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