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DDC Laboratories India provides an accurate and reliable DNA Test for relationship identification, including a Paternity Trio DNA Test, at affordable prices.

We have various configurations of paternity tests available, of which Paternity Trio DNA Test is one commonly used DNA Test for paternity. While the reliability and accuracy of all these tests are similar, a Paternity Trio Test uses the alleged mother’s DNA sample for an added degree of accuracy in the results.

For a Paternity Trio Test, the alleged father, the alleged mother, and the child have to submit their cheek swab (buccal swab) samples. The child’s DNA profile is then compared with those of the father and the mother, thereby doubly confirming their paternity. The mother’s DNA pattern contribution (the DNA Profile) is opted out from the child’s DNA pattern, and then the remaining patterns of the child’s DNA profile are compared with those of the alleged father.

Using this approach enables us to establish if the alleged father is really the biological father or not. If the mother does not participate in the test, it is called the “motherless paternity test”. The accuracy of the motherless test is similar to that of a Paternity Trio DNA test; the only difference is in the depth and scale of analyses as the entire DNA pattern is carefully matched and examined with two, rather than only one reference DNA profile (of father).

Other configurations may include Paternity Trio DNA Tests of more than one child or more than one alleged fathers’ DNA being used for establishing a paternity relationship.

In DDC Laboratories India, we follow the highest industry standards for Paternity Trio Tests or any other DNA tests for that matter. Having multiple options for submitting the DNA sample makes it possible for you to give your sample at one of our centers present in India, opt for a home collection, or order an online DNA testing kit to take your own sample. Moreover, the fastest turn-around time and report delivery make us one of India’s most desirable DNA testing companies.

For more information about a Paternity Trio DNA Test in India or booking one for yourself, contact us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771.

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