Paternity Trio – Parentage DNA Check

DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center provides Parentage DNA check. Our Paternity Trio is highly accurate that answers hospital child swap

Paternity Trio

At DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center India, we have various configurations of paternity tests available. While the reliability and accuracy of all these tests is similar, the depth of analyses varies among these tests.

Paternity Trio Test needs samples from the alleged father, alleged mother and the child. The child’s DNA strand patterns are compared with those of the father and the mother,thereby doubly confirming their paternity. The mother’s pattern contribution is cancelled out from the child’s DNA pattern and then the remaining patterns are compared with those of the alleged father. This enables our lab experts to establish if the alleged father is really the biological father or not. If the mother does not participate in the test, it is called “motherless paternity test”. The accuracy of motherless test is similar to the trio test, only difference is in the depth and scale of analyses as the entire DNA pattern is carefully matched and examined.

Other configurations may include more than one child or more than one alleged fathers’ DNA being analysed for the establishment of their biological relationship. At DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center India, we ensure that the accuracy and trustworthiness of our conclusive results remains precise for all configurations of DNA paternity tests. We not only guide our clients to choose the right tests but also help maintain complete confidentiality of test results. Feel free to give us a call at +91 7533008488 for any queries or appointment.

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