Highly Accurate Maternity DNA Test

DDC Laboratories India is also providing DNA Tests for Child Swap in Hospitals using Maternity DNA Test.

Child Swap Maternity DNA Test

The Maternity DNA test is conducted to establish whether a woman is the biological mother of a child or not. We analyze the DNA profile/pattern of the alleged mother and compare it with that of the alleged child. A child inherits half of its DNA from the father and the mother. Using this information, a Maternity test can accurately identify and establish the biological relationship of a child with the alleged mother.

Sample Collection

There are multiple DNA sample options for a maternity DNA Test, but Buccal Swabs are the most preferred. In the case of blood samples, it may be prone to spillage and environmental degradation. On the other hand, hair and nail samples may need viability testing to check if the samples have DNA or not.

Buccal Swabs are easy to use, pain-free, and can be stored for comparatively longer durations of time. Also, they are easy to pack, carry, and transport.

The Process

The buccal swabs are rubbed with circular and up & down motion against the inside of the cheek walls. This process is repeated with another swab on the other cheek.

Once the samples of both -the child and the mother are collected, the swabs are let to dry in the air, followed by packing and sending the samples to the DNA testing laboratory for analysis.

We offer ready-to-use DNA test kit online. You can book your maternity DNA test and order our kit online. Once received, you have to follow the instructions on the kit package and take your sample and send it to our testing facility.

The kit contains a tamper-proof envelope on which the address of our facility is printed. After we receive the samples, we start the DNA test.

If you are not sure about the kit, you can opt for our Home Collection Facility (T & C Applied).

A Maternity DNA Test is Helpful in Many Situations

A Maternity Test is done for various purposes. Some get it for their peace of mind, and others may get it for legal purposes.

Peace of Mind Maternity DNA Test

A Maternity DNA Test done for one’s own information is called a Peace of Mind Maternity Test. On the other hand, for immigration cases, a Chain-of-custody may be required. In the latter, certain formalities are required.

Maternity Test for Child Swap in Hospitals

Sometimes newborn babies are swapped in the hospitals, maternity centers, nurseries, or NICUs. This can be both by mistake or intentional. Whatever be the reason, discovering that the baby is changed is a traumatic experience for the mother as well as the couple and the whole family.

In such cases, a Maternity Test comes to help. Doing so helps the couple reunite with their biological child.

Surrogacy/IVF Baby DNA Test

IVF is a boon for couples failing to have their baby naturally. However, there are certain risks to the procedure—one of them is giving birth to the wrong child.

Here is what can happen within a surrogacy or an IVF centre.
  • Sample mix-up
  • Wrong labeling of the sample
  • Implanting the wrong embryo in the woman’s uterus
  • Baby mix-up in maternity wards of hospitals

Getting a Maternity DNA Test for IVF babies can help.

Maternity DNA Test for Immigration

For immigration cases, proving the genetic relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary may be required. If the involved parties include the mother, a Maternity test is required to prove the relationship.

DDC Laboratories India – For the Best Maternity DNA Testing Services

DDC Laboratories India has been a reputed name in the field of DNA testing services. Here, you get Maternity Test, Immigration DNA Test, Cell Line Authentication, and other DNA Tests, all under one roof. With best-class service and hundreds of localized collection centers all over India and abroad, you can avail of our services in your own hometown or nearby.

Our tests are competitively priced yet without any compromise in the quality and reliability of our DNA test results.

Contact us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771 to book an appointment, or call our executives to learn more about Maternity DNA Test in India. 

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