Maternity DNA Test – Highly Accurate Maternity DNA Test

DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center provides pregnant women DNA testing that helps in detecting child swap.

Child Swap Maternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA tests are conducted by us to establish whether a woman is the biological mother of a child. In this test, our experts at DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center India analyse the DNA patterns of the alleged mother and compare them with those of the child. In case the child has inherited DNA from the alleged mother, a biological relationship is conclusively established.

In case the biological father also participates in the test, then half of the child’s DNA is excluded and the remaining half is then compared with that of the alleged mother. In case the father is not available, we conduct “fatherless maternity DNA test” which involves a deeper and detailed analyses but without compromising on the accuracy of test results.

Maternity DNA Tests may prove to be helpful in many situations:

  • For establishment of biological relationships in immigration cases
  • In IVF pregnancy, it may be established that the embryo conceived was implanted into the womb of the correct mother
  • In case of surrogacy, it may be established using Maternity DNA test that the child is not of the surrogate mother but of the egg­ donor (biological) mother
  • Baby mix­up situations in maternity wards of hospitals­

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