Ancestry DNA Tests in India – Find your Ancestral Origin

DNA Ancestry Testing

Ancestry DNA Tests are a fantastic way of tracing back your ancestral roots. Due to the fact that every individual inherits their DNA from their parents and so on, Ancestry DNA Tests are possible. At DDC Laboratories India, we are providing accurate and reliable Ancestry DNA Tests in India at affordable prices.

Getting an Indian ancestry DNA Test enables you to learn various aspects of your ancestral past. If you are looking for Ancestry DNA tests in India, DDC Laboratories India is the best place to go.


Types of Ancestry DNA Test in India

Before getting an Indian Ancestry DNA test, you must know the purpose of your test or simply which Ancestry DNA Test in India is for you?

Paternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test – Ancestry DNA Tests can decode your long-forgotten ancestral past. A paternal lineage Indian Ancestry DNA Test tracks the Y-chromosome of the male members of the family back into the future. The result of this test is Y haplogroups, which tells you about your father’s side of ancestors. Since the Y-Chromosome is only inherited by a son from the father, if a female wants this test, she has to include any other male member of her family for a Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA test in India.

Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – This is useful when you want to learn about your mother’s side of ancestors. Mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, in short, is inherited by both male and female children from the mother, which is the foundation of a Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA test.

DNA Origins Ancestry Test – A DNA Origins test is primarily used by the people, who are more interested in their ancestral roots in the past, and information like, which populations they belong to, in general. It traces your roots to 4 important populations: East Asian, European, Sub-saharan African, and Indigenous American.

GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test in India – A GPS Origins test is one of the most advanced types of Ancestry DNA tests you can get today. It can pinpoint geographical locations as to where your first forefathers existed.

At DDC Laboratories India, we provide our clients the best-in-class services of Ancestry DNA Tests in India. With hundreds of regional collection centers we are working from, distance is no longer a problem. You can even find one of our collection centers in your city and visit to submit your sample for an Ancestry DNA test in India.

Talk to our customer service representatives on +91 7042446667 or WhatsApp on +91 9266615552 and book a DNA Ancestry Test in India.

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