Ancestry DNA Tests – Find your Ancestral Origin

DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center is a full-service DNA testing company offering a wide range of DNA ancestry testing services.

DNA Ancestry Testing

Commence unscrambling your past with our DNA test. Find out your ancestry and get a comprehensive picture of your ancestry from a matchless genetic perspective. We will link your chromosomes to geographic regions and groups from where you belong.Just a simple test will link you to that remote part of your genealogical pre-history.

Our ancestral DNA test is a unique test for those who are inquisitive about their past and want to dig deeper into their foundation. A team of experts conducts the test and accuracy is assured. We are an accredited laboratory and follow set procedures therefore the accuracy rate is quite high.

How did you end up here? DNA studies open up many locked doors. It allows you to trace the path of your ancestors. You can find out who they were, where they lived and how they migrated. Search for your long lost relatives by a simple DNA test.

Ancestral DNA testing is the newest and most exciting addition to research. You could discover your ethnic background and trace the roots of your surname. Sometimes the results are not as per your expectations.

Order a kit and begin the journey into your past to trace your ancestral origin. You could order an easy-to-use home collection kit. The instructions are given on it. You can send back the kit and wait for the results. We take just 20 to 25 working days to come up with the results. Our expert team is there to assist you in case you have any question in mind. They can also guide you to the type of Ancestry test most suitable for you.

There are four categories in the ancestral DNA testing and you could choose as per your requirement.

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