GPS Origins Ancestral DNA Test

If you are interested to go deep into your roots, then here is a test for you. The GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test combines the latest genetic research with a new technique to point out more precisely from where your history began.

The traditional DNA test never pinpointed your ethnicity. It was more general rather than specific. This new GPS Origins test indicates the exact location where groups of your ancestors from different cultures met.

It represents the migration journey from your deep genealogical heritage. The new GPS Origins ancestry test takes you deeper into the family history. It is a lot more than a normal ancestry test.

The GPS ancestry test focuses your ancestry search to cities, then towns and even villages. The difference can be seen in the result of “gene pool percentage” and “DNA Migration Maps”. They are really engaging.

The GPS origin test analyses over 730000 variants of genes. It makes an in depth analysis and finds your migration route and even your top three ancestral origins.

Apart from the ethnic origin breakdown, you also get a migration map that gives you two routes to get a better idea of where your ancestors are from and where they traveled.

After you decide to get the test done, you will be provided

Sample collection kit

The sample to check DNA may be blood, hair, skin or saliva. It can also be done with a Buccal swab kit. This kit comprises of a cheek swab that is for collection of sample with literature of instructions to be followed while collecting the sample.

A certificate of GPS Origins Ancestry Test

You will receive an ancestry test certificate listing the migration journey from your deep genealogical heritage.

The result

The results would also be provided in PDF format. This would be an elaborate report about your migration. The results are also self-explanatory and divided into two main section- Gene Pool Percentages and DNA Migration Routes.

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