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    Paternity DNA Test
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    DNA test with world’s Most Accredited and Specialized DNA Testing Laboratory. Guaranteed maximum accuracy with 20+ markers test. DDC Laboratories India is the only DNA testing lab to achieve 17 perfect ratings in quality inspections by accreditation bodies, ensuring 100% testing record.

    DNA Tests in India

    About Us

    World leader in providing Most Accredited DNA testing

    DDC Laboratories India is affiliated to DNA Diagnostics Center Inc. USA, the world leaders in DNA Testing. DDC Laboratories India has many years of experience with DNA Testing Services in India, we provide the same level of professionalism, reliability and stringent testing standards across all our centers. ..Read More

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    High Profile Cases done by our laboratory

    Legal advisors with eminent clients rely on DDC for facts.

    DDC Laboratories India is considered to be the most reliable laboratory when it comes to DNA Paternity testing. We have a team of experts who conduct the test with great accuracy. To find the most suitable test for yourself, call our team who are ready to guide you.


    • Prince

      Paternity Case
    • OJ Simpson

      Forensics Case
    • Anna Nicole Smith

      Paternity Case

    Humans inherit their DNA from their parents. It makes possible the biological identification of an individual and their relationship with other family members. We are a recognized DNA Test Center in India for accurate, reliable, and affordable DNA tests. Depending upon the need, you can choose from many DNA Testing services or get the help of our customer service executives at DDC Laboratories India to know which test is best for you.

    The following are the commonly used DNA Tests in India:

    • Paternity DNA Test For identification of the biological relationship between a child and the alleged father.
    • Maternity DNA Test To establish a biological relationship between the child and the alleged mother.
    • Paternity Trio Test Paternity test including mother’s sample.
    • Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Test (No Sex Determination) – Establishing paternity while the baby is still in the womb.
    • Siblingship DNA Tests For establishing genetic connection between two alleged siblings (brothers and sisters).
    • Grandparentage DNA Test To establish the biological relation between grandchildren and grandparents.
    • Ancestry DNA testing Paternal Lineage, Maternal Lineage, GPS Origins tests.
    • Immigration Testing Accredited DNA testing in India for Immigration purposes.
    • Cell Line Authentication Specialized DNA Tests in India, used to find misidentified, genetically drifted, or cross-contaminated cells in a reference cell line of interest.

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    Why DDC Laboratories India?

    We are a trusted company for accurate and reliable DNA Tests in India. Below-mentioned are some key points that make us the most desirable DNA Test Center in India.

    DDC Laboratories India is a reputed DNA Testing center for an AABB, NATA, and MOJ accredited Immigration DNA Test in India. You can visit one of the collection centers near you to give your sample for a DNA Test in India. We are operating at hundreds of DNA testing centers in India. You can talk to our customer service representatives to know about our DNA Test Centre in India near you.

    Order our DNA Testing Kit online, take your sample and send it back to our DNA Testing Centre for various DNA Tests in India.

    You can be assured of the timely report delivery of our DNA Tests in India. We also provide you the option of our express services, in which you can get your test report even earlier.

    We are one of the most trusted companies to offer you the best DNA Testing Services in India at fair and competitive pricing. All information about you and your test is kept highly confidential. Moreover, we carry out every DNA test twice for the reasons of 100% accuracy and reliability. You can reach our customer service executives to learn more or book a DNA Test in India. Call +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.

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