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DNA test with world’s most accredited and specialized DNA testing laboratory. Guaranteed maximum accuracy with 20+ markers test. DDC Laboratories India is the only DNA testing lab to achieve 17 perfect ratings in quality inspections by accreditation bodies, ensuring 100% testing record.

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World leader in providing Most Accredited DNA testing

DDC Laboratories India is affiliated to DNA Diagnostics Center Inc. USA, the world leaders in DNA Testing. DDC Laboratories India has many years of experience with DNA Testing Services in India, we provide the same level of professionalism, reliability and stringent testing standards across all our centers. ..Read More

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My wife is pregnant and this is just the initial stage. Somehow I was restless and wanted to get a DNA Test of the unborn child done. I surfed the net and came across this company called DDC Laboratories India. I consulted them on how to go about it. They gave me a choice of invasive and non-invasive test and told me the details of both. We got the non-invasive test done. The results were fast and I was happy to know them. I am waiting for my child to come to this world.


Software Engineer

I was in desperate need of a Paternity DNA test. I could not even talk about it to my family. I needed help and searched online for it. This laboratory came as a blessing. Now I have no doubt in mind about the loyalty of my wife towards me. I love her even more than before. I would have always remained in doubt if DDC Laboratories India did not come to my rescue. They also kept this all a secret.

Pulkit jain

Business Man

I was expecting his child but he was not ready to accept it. I was on the verge of ending my life but was worried about my parents. I was in tears and told my friend about the whole incident. She advised me to get a DNA test done. We got the test done and he was surprised to see the result. I still remember how he hugged me! DDC Laboratories India saved my life and my child’s too. We got married soon after the test. This test changed my life. I can never thank them enough for what they have done

Priya Sinha

House Wife

High Profile Cases done by our laboratory

Legal advisors with eminent clients rely on DDC for facts.

DDC Laboratories India is considered to be the most reliable laboratory when it comes to DNA Paternity testing. We have a team of experts who conduct the test with great accuracy. To find the most suitable test for yourself, call our team who are ready to guide you.


  • Prince

    Paternity Case
  • OJ Simpson

    Forensics Case
  • Anna Nicole Smith

    Paternity Case

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Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing During Pregnancy: Risks and Benefits

Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing During Pregnancy: Risks and Benefits

Pregnancy can be an exciting experience, but questions about paternity can be stressful. If you are expecting and want to do a paternity test while you’re pregnant, DDC Laboratories India offers the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity test, a highly-accurate test that can determine an unborn child’s biological father as early as 7 weeks into the pregnancy. […]


  • ANAB
  • Cap Accredited
  • CLIA
  • ISO
  • Ministry of Justice
  • NATA
  • New York State
  • SCC
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