Paternity DNA Test – Cost Effective and Confidential DNA Paternity Test

DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center provides home paternity test kits. We provide highly confidential DNA paternity test.

Confidential Paternity Test

To underline the paternity of a child, a paternity test may be availed. Since all of us truly ‘source’ our genetics from our biological parents, a DNA Paternity Test conclusively determines whether a man is a biological father of a child or not. In this DNA Paternity Test, we at DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center India undertake the relevant tests by comparing a child’s DNA pattern with that of the alleged father. This of course, is the true test for inheritance and biological relationship.

In case the mother participates in Paternity DNA test procedure, half of the child’s matching DNA may be excluded thus making it easier to compare rest of the DNA pattern with that of the “alleged father”. With detailed, in ­depth analyses, a motherless paternity DNA test, with less than 0.1% margins, may also be undertaken using techniques exclusively available at DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center India. Information on Paternity Trio Test (where the child, mother and alleged father, all three participate) is given here.

At DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center India, our experts ensure that the tests are carried out as per global standards to guarantee your peace of mind for an accurate result. Through our widely spread network of certified field technicians (for sample collection), collection sites and laboratories, we work with our clients at their convenience viz­-a­-viz initial meeting, sample collection, etc. while maintaining complete confidentiality.

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