Getting a Siblingship DNA Test in India

Siblingship DNA Test helps in determining whether two siblings are from same parents or not.

Siblingship DNA Test

Siblingship DNA Test helps in determining whether two siblings are from the same parents or not. Siblingship DNA testing can be done in the following two different specifications, depending upon the type of information required:

  • Half Sibling Ship DNA Test
  • Full Sibling Ship DNA Test

A Siblingship DNA test establishes whether two children have been born from the same parents or whether they are full or half-siblings (brothers and sisters). Our customer service representatives can guide you through the types of Sibling DNA Testing you should go with. A Siblingship DNA test can also be done for establishing family relationships where an alleged father or an alleged mother may not be available (for a Paternity DNA Test or a maternity DNA test). The outcomes of Sibling DNA testing may be beneficial for inheritance claims, Aadhar/Ration Card entries, government schemes, etc.

At DDC Laboratories India, we carry out the DNA analysis of two alleged siblings independently. From the genetic profiles, a siblingship DNA Index is calculated in order to confirm their relationship as brothers/sisters.

Siblingship Index less than 1.00 means the alleged siblings are not genetically related to each other, and if it’s greater than 1.00, both are biologically related.

What is Each type of Sibling Ship DNA Test for?

  • Half Sibling DNA Testing: This type of Sibling DNA testing is ideal when either one of the parents is a common biological parent of the siblings, but it’s not sure who is the real (biological) parent and who is not?
  • Full Sibling DNA Testing: A Full Siblingship DNA Test is useful in the case where the alleged siblings share a common biological parent, say, the father, but they are not sure if they share the same biological mother or not?

In each type of Sibling-ship DNA test, the DNA patterns of the alleged siblings are compared with those of the alleged father’s to establish a siblingship relationship. With the mother’s participation, we are able to exclude the mother’s DNA for a conclusive test result. If the mother is not available, the tests become more exhaustive, and a deeper analysis is needed. However, it doesn’t affect the accuracy of the results of a Siblingship DNA test. Call us at +91 7042446667 or leave us a WhatsApp message on +919266615552 to more or book a Sibling ship DNA test in India.

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