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A DNA test is nothing but an analysis to identify similarity among sample DNA strands and ancestral strand. Looking for the DNA test? Do not need to go anywhere. You just need to buy online test kit of DDC Laboratories India. We are introducing DNA testing kits to accurate, simple and convenient tests without disclosing your privacy. We are specialized in Paternity & ancestry DNA tests which are primary forms of commercial DNA testings. But various other tests such as maternity, siblingship, identification profiling, genetic reconstruction and much more are also available with us.

Test DetailsDescription 
DNA Test sample collection kitSampling kit of Buccal swab
Prenatal paternity test kitSampling kit of DNA Cell free tubes
Paternity (no maternal involvement)Child and alleged father samples
Paternity (with maternal involvement)Child, mother and alleged father samples 
MaternityChild and alleged mother samples 
Additional Persone.g. second child
Sibling shipTwo alleged siblings 
Grandparentage testingChild and alleged Grandfather
YSTR AnalysisTwo alleged Males
mt DNA AnalysisTwo alleged
Genetic reconstruction upto four alleged
Noninvasive Prenatal PaternityMother and Alleged father
Identification ProfilingApplicant test only 
ImmigrationImmigrant and alleged relationship
Ancestral DNA originsApplicant only
GPS Ancestry testApplicant only
Paternal Ancestry testing (YSTR)Applicant only
Maternal Ancestry Testing (mt DNA)Applicant only