DNA Ancestral Origin Maternal Lineage Testing

DNA Ancestral Origin Maternal Lineage Testing is based on the scientific fact that DNA is passed down to several generations without being altered. Here we are talking about the DNA that is passed on from the mother to the child.By scrutinizing the samples of DNA you could find out the maternal history of an individual far back to the descendants that populated the earth primarily.

Mitochondrial DNA is outside the nucleus since only the male nuclear genetic material enters the egg.

We can get a Maternal lineage test by examining markers on the mtDNA. These markers can trace our ancestors and where they belonged to several years ago. This test is expressed in haplogroups by people who belong to a certain geographical area where they settled long ago.

The maternal lineage test is very reliable because it is a scientifically proved that mitochondrial DNA is passed from the mother to the child. The mtDNA have markers that can be traced to our initial ancestors who inhabited the earth thousands of years ago.

After you decide to get the test done, you will be provided

Sample Collection Kit

The kit that is provided to collect the samples includes a swab and complete instructions to be followed while collecting the sample. You could even. The sample needs to be submitted to our laboratory. The results are provided within a week of submitting the sample.

A certificate

This displays a map showing your ancestors journey and your haplogroup designation. It also depicts the parts of the world where your ancestors settled primarily.

The result in PDF

A PDF format of the result is also provided to you. The detailed result is explained here and information about your migration history is mentioned.

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