DNA Test in Ahmedabad Gujarat

DDC Laboratories India have presence outspread across the country and with an aim to provide affordable and accessible DNA testing services, we have started a new sample collection center for DNA Test in Ahmedabad Gujarat  with a mission to serve the people.

Our centers are affiliated to DNA Diagnostics Center Inc. USA which is world leaders in DNA testing. We cater to all needs in DNA testing and human identification. Identification of individuality may be done in Paternity, maternity or other related cases where you want to be sure about certain doubts. We enable you to take decisions that would have been very tough to take with the absence of evidence. DNA test may be done to prove infidelity. It can be done for drug detection in blood.

At DDC laboratories India, we conduct paternity and maternity DNA tests to determine the biological relation between biological parents and the children. Our paternity trio test helps in deeming the biological parents of children during child swap cases in the hospitals. We also do tests like a siblingship test, ancestry DNA test and prenatal paternity test for the peace of mind. We provide embassy approved DNA test results in case of immigration applications whenever the required documents are not presented for visa purposes.

For any type of DNA test in Ahmedabad Gujarat, please fill the below form and our executive will contact you or give us a call at: 7042446667 or WhatsApp us on 9266615552.

Paternity DNA test in Ahmedabad

Maternity DNA test in Ahmedabad

Relationship DNA test in Ahmedabad

Immigration DNA test in Ahmedabad

DNA Test in Ahmedabad

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