DNA Test in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

DDC Laboratories India has started a new sample collection center for a DNA Test in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. At our Ahmedabad center, you can visit to give your sample for a DNA Test at a reasonable and easily affordable DNA test cost in Ahmedabad. You can get any of our regular or specialized DNA tests- all in one place.

From the following list, you can choose the best DNA Tests in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Paternity DNA Test – A DNA Test meant to establish the genetic relationship between a child and the alleged father.

Maternity DNA Test – In a Maternity test, a child’s relationship with the alleged mother is established.

Paternity Trio DNA Test – Unlike a motherless paternity test, a Paternity Trio DNA Test includes the alleged mother’s sample for analysis. For a Paternity Trio test, the DNA test price is slightly different from that of regular paternity.

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test [No Sex Determination] – A Non-invasive prenatal paternity test is used when the baby is not yet born. Getting a DNA test while the pregnant mother or the alleged father, or both, wants to confirm the unborn child’s paternity involves a complex analysis procedure. Due to the complexity of the test procedure, the Prenatal paternity DNA test cost in Ahmedabad is higher than a regular paternity test.

Siblingship DNA test – This test is used when the alleged siblings want to know if they belong to the same biological parents or not. This test can be done in two different specifications – the Full Siblingship DNA Test or the Half Sibling DNA Test.

Granparentage DNA Test – This type of test is used in case the parents of the child are not available for a paternity test. In such a case, the grandparents can give their and their grandchild’s sample for the test.

Immigration DNA Test – To establish the biological relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary of the immigration, an Immigration DNA Test is done. At DDC Laboratories India, we are providing NATA, MOJ, and AABB accredited Immigration DNA testing at a genuine and affordable DNA test cost in Ahmedabad.

Ancestry DNA Test – An Ancestry DNA Test is used to trace the ancestral roots back into the past. Ancestry testing is done as a Paternal lineage, maternal lineage, DNA origin, or a GPS Origins DNA Ancestry test. The DNA Test cost in Ahmedabad for an ancestry test varies according to the type of the test.

Cell-Line Authentication – Cell Line Authentication Test is used to identify genetically drifted, cross-contaminated, or misidentified cells in the reference cell line.

We prefer buccal swabs for DNA samples. However, we can also use hairs, nail clippings, body tissues, etc., to isolate DNA from the sample. Viability testing of the sample is required in this case. The DNA Test cost in Ahmedabad can vary depending upon the sample you give for the test.

Contact our customer service representatives to learn more and tell them the purpose of the test. Our team will then guide you about which test to go with, methods of sample collection, and the price of a DNA test in Ahmedabad. As per requirement, you can then order the DNA test online at an affordable DNA Test price in Ahmedabad.

To learn more or book a DNA Test in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, reach us on +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp us on +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA test in Ahmedabad

Maternity DNA test in Ahmedabad

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DNA Test in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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