DNA Test in Amreli Gujarat

Our testing lab at DDC Laboratories India is an AABB accredited. We have now opened up a new collection center for DNA Test in Amreli Gujarat. DNA Test has become the most reliable way to find answers too many problems. If you are keen to know your locus then you can get DNA test done that can answer all your questions. To detect long-term drug history, a DNA test can be conducted.

DNA tests are very beneficial in case of disasters and natural calamities where the bodies have rotten and cannot be identified. In some cases, only parts of body are attainable. It is also useful in infidelity cases. We conduct prenatal tests to confirm paternity.

Our work and best practices are recognized by doctors, medical agencies, law enforcement agencies and legal agencies. Our goal at DDC Laboratories India is to serve people by providing the most reliable, valuable, affordable and accessible DNA testing services. Our charges for DNA tests are cost effective and as per Government norms.

For any kind of DNA test in Amreli Gujarat please fills the form and our executive will get in touch with you. You can also give us a call for any queries or to make an appointment at: +91 7533008488.


Paternity DNA test in Amreli, Gujarat

Maternity DNA test in Amreli, Gujarat

Relationship DNA test in Amreli, Gujarat

Immigration DNA test in Amreli, Gujarat

DNA Test in Amreli