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DNA Testing can open up the portal for a wide number of applications. Be it a Peace of Mind Paternity or Maternity Test, Immigration Test, Ancestry or research-based DNA testing, DDC Laboratories India provides you accurate DNA Tests at a fair and affordable DNA Test Cost in Surat.

At DDC Laboratories India, we are one of the best DNA Labs in Surat for accurate and reliable DNA tests. We are also offering accredited Immigration DNA tests at a competitive DNA test Price in Surat. Our accredited testing services include-

  • AABB Accredited Immigration DNA test for the United States
  • MOJ Accredited Immigration DNA test for the United Kingdom
  • NATA Accredited Immigration DNA test for Australia

Despite the world-class DNA testing services, the best turn-around time, and fastest in the segment, report delivery, any of our DNA Test prices in Surat remains surprisingly economical compared to the others.

Another key to our success is being one of the very few DNA Labs in Surat to ensure 100% customer confidentiality. We do not share your personal information or any information about your DNA test with anyone other than you. For the same, we keep a record of and share your test results only on your registered mobile number and email address.

You have multiple options for giving your sample. You can visit our Surat center to give your sample, opt for a Home Collection facility, and also order our DNA Testing Kit online to take the sample yourself.

We prefer a buccal swab for the tests, as they are the most viable type of sample to use. But, you can give hairs and nail clippings too. However, in the case of hairs, nails, body tissues, etc., a viability test may be required to check if usable DNA is present in the sample or not. The DNA Test Cost in Surat, or anywhere for that matter, can vary depending upon the type of sample used.

For the best experience, talk to our customer service representatives on +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771 and book a DNA Test in Surat Gujarat. Our representatives can help you find the best DNA test for your need and also guide you about the DNA Test Price in Surat.

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DNA Test in Surat, Gujarat

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