Paternity and Family Relationship Testing

Paternity and Family Relationship Testing

The advancement in DNA Technology has transformed the paternity and Family Relationship Testing industry with greater discrimination power among individuals, non-invasive sample collection options, and shorter turnaround time. Most commonly DNA test is used to establish a blood relationship between the participants.

DNA Technology has allowed us to respond with high precision to questions about family relationships in a variety of situations. The types of DNA family relationship tests, we propose are Paternity DNA Test, Maternity DNA Test, Sibling-ship DNA Test, Avuncular DNA Test(uncle or aunt), Grand-parentage DNA Test and other related Tests for peace of mind, legal cases, and Immigration purposes.

Science behind the DNA Technology: DNA is inherited from both Biological Parents

DNA is found in all cells of the body and also called deoxyribonucleic acid. It contains information that dictates physical characteristics, such as facial features, size, and even health.

At each stage of development, all cells in the body contain the same DNA – half of the father and half of the mother. This allows us to use a variety of sampling methods for DNA testing. Samples can be taken at any stage of development and in any part of the body.

Each person has a Unique Genetic Profile that reflects the Heritage

  • Paternity DNA Test: determine if a tested man is the biological father of a child tested.
  • Maternity DNA Test: Determine if a woman tested is the biological mother of a child tested.
  • Brother/sister DNA Tests: Determine if two test individuals share one, two, or none of the biological parents.
  • Grandparents DNA Test: Determine the paternity of a test child by testing the biological parent of an alleged father.
  • Avuncular DNA Test (uncle/aunt): Determine the paternity of a child by testing the biological brother or sister of an alleged father.

Each person’s DNA contains two copies of markers: a copy inherited from the father and one from the mother. The combination of marker found in each person represents his / her genetic profile. DDC Laboratories India examines the DNA to create a genetic profile for each person tested in paternity, identity or family relationship test.

Testing Options: Peace of Mind, Legal or Immigration Purpose

Most of our family relationship DNA tests are available in these three different types. The type to be used in a given situation depends primarily on the needs of the individual or family in question.

  1. DNA Tests for “PEACE OF MIND:” Sometimes called “Home” or “Curiosity” DNA tests, these tests are designed to be used only for the personal information, or the peace of mind of the parties involved, without any need or intention to present the results in a legal framework or as certified evidence relating to a blood relationship. For personal tests, samples may be collected by us (at our collection center) or by you (using our home test kit). You have to collect the DNA samples by yourself and send back to our testing lab for further processing. Results are provided in 5 business days, and our stated conclusions are 99.99% accurate.
  2. DNA Tests for “LEGAL”: These Tests, sometimes referred to as “legally admissible,” “court-admissible” or “chain of custody” DNA tests, are valid as evidence in court and are acceptable as evidence of government or private bodies requiring verification of the relationship family before granting certain benefits. For these DNA tests, we maintain chain-of-custody and an authorized representative collect the samples of parties (father and child) under the strict order of the honorable judge. Our legally-admissible DNA tests are 99.999% accurate.
  3. DNA Tests for “IMMIGRATION”: This is a special type of “legal” DNA test generally used to prove the alleged family relationship between permanent resident sponsor (the “petitioner”) and applicant (the “beneficiary”) to facilitate approval of the beneficiary’s immigration application. For immigration DNA tests, we maintain chain-of-custody and an authorized representative collect the samples of parties. DDC Laboratories India provides accurate and reliable DNA test results for immigration purposes. These results are approved worldwide by various embassies such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, Portugal, the Arab countries and other countries. Our testing laboratory is highly certified and has maintained long-standing accreditation by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), and many more.

These test results can be used legally for immigration cases, applications and appeals. Our testing laboratory is fully accredited and recognized/recommended by various embassies and consultants.

DNA Samples are taken

For most paternity DNA Test and relationship DNA Tests results, oral swabs – cotton swabs are collected from the lining of inside of the cheeks. Our sample collection method is non-invasive, completely painless and can be performed from the day of birth. DNA tests using cheek swab specimens are as accurate as blood tests because our cheek cells contain the same DNA as the cells in our blood (or any other cell in our body).

Need for DNA Test of each relationship request is different, and the test can be determined based on the people available for the analysis. Our team will help you choose the best test available to determine if there is a biological relationship or not. For further queries, please Contact us or you may schedule an appointment with us by calling our helpline number: +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771.

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