How DNA Test can track your roots or Origin?

How DNA Test can Track Your Roots or Origin?

DNA Testing has become a vital part for discovering your roots or origin identification. It is an essential and genuinely emotional experience. It also reveals ethnic mix and ancestors you never imagined and can find places/people deep in your past where other records can’t take you.

About the DNA Test

Where exactly did your ancestors come from? In which countries are your real origins? Start a journey of discovery to discover which countries, cities or islands your ancestors came from. For the entire above questions the answer is “GPS Origin Ancestral DNA test” which merges the latest findings in genealogy and genetics and combines these with a new ancestry tracking tool known as the “Geographic Population Structure (GPS).” GPS origin test is the most advanced Ancestry DNA test in India which can pinpoint the origins of your ancestors to the most remarkable degree.

Why you choose us?

DDC Laboratories India is the most reliable DNA testing center in India and abroad. We provide the most advanced ancestry DNA testing services with the highest level of professionalism, reliability and stringent testing standards in all the testing centers. Our commitment is to give you DNA test results you can trust, combined with the best possible pricing and service.

How does this test differ from other Ancestry Tests?

Other DNA Ancestry Tests provide limited ethnic composition at the regional or national level. For example, they could indicate 33% of East Asia, 40% of Sub-Saharan Africa and 27% of Europeans.

Our Origins GPS goes beyond these broad ethnic classifications to identify your ancestral origins in a specific geographic location using an unprecedented number of gene pools and reference populations.

What will your Results Show?

The results are a treasure trove of information for you and your family. The analysis of global gene pools used to calculate the genetic signature of your autosomal DNA. Here, you will be linked to countries or specific areas of the origin of your ancestors. A comparison of your unique DNA signatures with other populations studied around the world, which allows us to locate the background and place of residence of your very first ancestors.

Your DNA and your Origins: How does DNA Test Track your Roots or Origin identification?

The test examines the genetic make-up of your DNA, your DNA signature, and compares it to a database of more than 10,000 signatures from 1,000 populations with known geographic locations to identify where it began.

We have identified 41 gene pools around the world and each human population is composed of a mixture of these gene pools. In the distant past, individual migrations were rare. Genetic mixing tends to occur when large groups of people move from one region to another by invasion or mass migration. As the incoming gene pool mingled with the local, a new genetic signature was created for the entire population.

The Origins GPS test assumes that your DNA signature is unique, but shares many characteristics with the populations or tribes from which it originates. By comparing your DNA to signature blends within different communities, GPS Origins can pinpoint the origin of your DNA.

The algorithm calculates the differences or genetic “distance” between your DNA and the DNA population signatures of our database and converts them into geographical distances. Then, a satellite navigation system is used to calculate the coordinates of your DNA origin range, which marks where your DNA was most recently modified at the population level. This happens when two different populations have come together and created your DNA signature.

Using a similar method, GPS Origins test then works backward to find two more points and plots the journey to where your DNA was mixed. We repeat this calculation for each element of your parental DNA.

Once your ancestry has been determined, we provide information about your country of origin so that you can start reconnecting with your roots. We also offer access to an exclusive online community of other people who have even begun the journey to find their true identity.

How Accurate is the GPS Origin Test?

The accuracy depends on your family history. If your parents come from the same place or two different locations and are not mixed, the test can trace your DNA signature in the country of origin in 90% of cases. The test will predict the vast continent.

In a study of people from all over the world, the GPS Origins algorithm predicts continental origins with 98% accuracy, affecting 83% of individuals in their home country and, where appropriate, 66% of them to their area.

If your ancestors came from Western Europe and your parents came from the same area and did not move away from where they came from, the test places your DNA signature within 50 km of its exact origin and often closer.

Your results will show the origin as a point on a map. The accuracy of our provided results also depends on the size of the reference population in a given area; the more critical the reference group, the more precise the results will be.

Confirming what you might know about your Roots or Origin identification with DNA Test

Most people investigate their ancestors to try to get a complete picture of their family tree. However, unless you use the right tools (such as DNA Tests) or the right people (like genealogists), we reach a stone wall. So you think you have French, Turkish, Russian, English or German ancestors – but can you be sure? Our GPS Origin DNA Test is the most advanced method which enable you to confirm whether what you know about your ancestry is likely to be exact or not.

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