DNA origins

As the name suggests, DNA Origins Test helps you to find your origin. The Ancestral Origins DNA test is for you if you want to know more about your roots. This test links you to your remote genealogical pre-history and ancestors.

It’s human propensity to be inquisitive. Here the question is about your own origin. This test provides you a better understanding of your genetic ancestors and gives you a clear picture of your origin. This test defines your bio-geographic ancestors.

This test finds the group of people who have shared ancestry. Although, there is the natural migration even between these groups.

DNA origins provide evaluations for four groups

East Asian– This group of the population include Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and Pacific Islanders.

European– This group of the population includes Europeans, middle easterners and south Asians

Sub-Saharan African– These include a group of people who lived in Sub-Saharan region of Africa

Indigenous American– This group of people includes the ones who migrated to live in north, south and Central America

After you decide to get the test done, you will be provided

Sample collection kit

the sample to check DNA may be blood, hair, skin or saliva. It can also be done with a Buccal swab kit. This kit comprises of a cheek swab that is for collection of sample with literature of instructions to be followed while collecting the sample.

A certificate of Ancestral ethnicity

You will receive an ancestry test certificate listing the percentages of your ancestral ethnicity.

The result of Ancestral ethnicity

The results would also be provided in PDF format. This would be an elaborate report about your migration
You also get the result in the form of manual PDF. This result provides more information about ancestry testing and migration history.

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