Why Immigration authorities ask for the DNA Test?

It is often seen that applicants apply for visas based on their family ties. DNA Test plays a significant role in case immigration authorities have any doubt in the relationship. Immigration DNA test is applicable only for applicants applying for the residency permits based on their family relations abroad. In such cases, it becomes mandatory to determine their biological relationship, but there are few countries where immigration DNA test is a compulsory part of the immigration procedure. It is valuable to prevent fraud immigrants from entering into developed countries. Immigration DNA tests in India facilitate dependents, who don’t have valid documents to prove the biological relationships. Moreover, it is helpful in preventing and controlling criminal activities, such as child trafficking across borders.

Typical situations where Immigration Authorities demand a DNA Test Report

People prefer Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, and Australia for immigration. Foreign citizens want their dependents to join them abroad. Therefore, they send sponsorship for their relatives. Applicants then start their immigration procedures. They provide all necessary documents such as birth certificates and driving license along with visa application. In case, the required documents concerning the biological relationship between the foreign resident and an applicant or the available records are not reliable. Then candidates go for an interview round, but if the foreign officials are not satisfied with the interview. At last, immigration authorities ask for an immigration DNA Test Report to determine the biological relationship. Immigration authorities themselves take initiatives for the DNA Test Report in all immigration cases.

How to perform the Test?

It is a simple test that is neither harmful nor painful. It takes around 8-10 working days to present DNA test results. Usually, DNA samples are collected by a health care professional by taking a blood sample or using a buccal cheek swab. Provided samples are then analyzed in the laboratory to determine the biological relationship. DNA test provides a clear picture based on genes that a person inherits from one generation to the other. All information in the DNA test report is utilized in all family reunification cases. Based on required immigration DNA reports in India, immigration authorities sanction dependent visas to the applicants.

Where to go for an Immigration DNA Test?

Various private laboratories are presently offering DNA testing solutions to clients based on their individual needs. DDC Laboratories India is the only private lab that provides globally accepted DNA test results to the clients in India and abroad. Paternity DNA tests, maternity DNA tests, siblingship DNA tests are performed for immigration. DDC Laboratories India is MOJ (Ministry of Justice), AABB, College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited. Our DNA testing services have also got approval from Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia. Therefore, the results are 99.999% accurate.

But if a person subject to the Test is Living in Foreign?

DDC Laboratories India facilitates sample collection as health care professionals collect DNA sample within embassy premises. The remaining procedure and requirements remain almost same. There is also a possibility of supervision by the immigration officer or a police officer during sample collection abroad. Sometimes DNA tests may also reveal sensitive information that can further lead to family disputes or property disputes. DDC Laboratories India keeps all sensitive information confidential.

To get the best and reliable Immigration DNA Tests in India, clients can directly call DDC Laboratories India at +91 8010177771 to book an appointment concerning immigration. They can live chat at WhatsApp number +91 9213177771.

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Why immigration authorities ask for the DNA test?

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