Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing During Pregnancy: Risks and Benefits

Pregnancy can be an exciting experience, but questions about paternity can be stressful. If you are expecting and want to do a paternity test while you’re pregnant, DDC Laboratories India offers the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing service, a highly-accurate test that can determine an unborn child’s biological father as early as 9 weeks into the pregnancy.

Benefits of DNA Testing during Pregnancy

  1. Establishes Paternity: DNA testing has a very high degree of accuracy up to 99.9999%. As far as the legal system is concerned, if a certified DNA test shows paternity in certain individual, that is in fact accepted as truth.
  2. Peace of Mind: Peace of mind is important to a pregnant woman. Any added stress during pregnancy can be harmful to a woman and the baby. Knowing that the test itself is reliable, non-invasive, and fairly easy to do can do wonders to ease the stress beforehand.
  3. It’s Completely Safe: With non-invasive prenatal paternity testing (NIPP), a blood sample from the mother and alleged father is all that’s needed to perform the test. Other methods of paternity testing, like amniocentesis, simply aren’t as safe for the mother-to-be. This carries with it a risk of causing a miscarriage.
  4. You Can Do DNA Testing Early in Pregnancy: Women should know that DNA testing during pregnancy can now be performed as early as 9 weeks gestation.

Risk of DNA Testing during Pregnancy

Medical procedures like amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling involve insertion of a needle into the women’s abdomen or other invasive procedures, and both carry greater risk of harm the mother and baby.

DDC Laboratories India offers new Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA test with an absolute risk-free process in comparison to other conventional prenatal sampling methods.

How Does Paternity Testing Work with the Law?

As long as the DNA sample is collected using the Chain of Custody process, results are definitive and legally establish paternity. A DNA sample cannot be collected from a presumed father without his knowledge in order to have the results accepted in court. In cases where you are trying to establish child support, the court can legally compel the father to submit to paternity testing. Or, he can submit to the test and pay for it voluntarily. Because DNA testing is so accurate, it carries a high degree of authority in child support cases.

In summary, you can definitely do a DNA test during pregnancy

  • A general, non-invasive DNA test (cheek swab or blood sample) can be taken at any time during a pregnancy as your genetics do not change.
  • A prenatal DNA Test can’t be wrong and provides accurate results you can trust in as few as 8-9 business days, with optional 3-day results available for an additional fee.
  • The test can be performed as early as 9 weeks gestation.

Note: Only DDC Laboratories India maintains strict standards of accountability for prenatal DNA paternity testing, including analysis, PhD review, and documentation. No other company’s test can claim AABB accreditation for prenatal paternity testing, so you can be sure your test is in good hands. AABB is the required accreditation of Immigration DNA tests for various embassies.

Still confuse for having DNA Testing during pregnancy? Don’t be, we are here to help you in your DNA Testing. You can contact us at: +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771 for scheduling an appointment and get answers to your questions.

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