Sibling DNA Testing in India

Can a DNA Test Identify Siblings?

YES! A DNA test can determine siblings. In fact, it is the most scientific and accurate way of establishing biological relations between two or more individuals. Sibling DNA testing confirms biological relationships between siblings, especially when there is doubt or uncertainty about their shared parentage. The test analyzes specific regions of DNAs of the tested individuals – here half-siblings, full-siblings, and twins. These regions are known as genetic markers and are unique to each individual, except for identical twins. This blog delves into the science of Sibling DNA testing, its benefits, and why we’re the trusted provider!

How Does Siblingship DNA Testing Work?

Sibling ship DNA testing begins with the collection of samples from both parties. The samples are then sent to the testing facility, where DNA profiling & report generation are conducted. Usually, samples are collected using sterile buccal swabs. It is rubbed on the inside of the cheeks to collect epithelial cells. Next, we will isolate the cells attached on the swabs, extract the DNA from the cells and analyze the DNA.

Sibling ship DNA Test is conducted in two different steps. The first one is STR profiling, & the second one is matching the DNA markers against the population database. Then, the siblingship index is calculated from the genetic profiles to confirm their relationship as brothers/sisters. If the resultant profiles show a siblingship index of <1, the alleged siblings are not genetically related to each other. However, if it’s > 1, both are biologically related.

Types of Sibling DNA Testing

Sometimes, it can be challenging to determine whether two siblings share the same biological parents. In such cases, a Siblingship DNA test can provide valuable answers. Depending on the specific circumstances, you can choose from the following types of Sibling DNA Tests:

  • Full Sibling DNA Testing – This type of test is conducted when two siblings share one known biological parent and wish to determine if they share the other parent as well.
  • Half-Sibling DNA Testing – When two presumed siblings believe they only share one biological parent, but it remains uncertain whether it’s the father or the mother, a Half-Sibling DNA test is performed.

Reasons to Perform a Siblingship DNA Test

There are several compelling reasons to consider performing a Siblingship DNA test, which can provide valuable information and benefits in various situations. Here are some key reasons:

  1. Confirming a Biological Relationship: Sibling DNA testing is often used in cases where individuals have been adopted or have limited knowledge about their biological family. It can provide conclusive evidence to confirm or establish a sibling relationship, offering a sense of identity and connection.
  2. Social Security Benefits: In cases where a deceased parent has left behind social security benefits, siblings may need to prove their relationship to claim them. Sibling DNA testing can serve as evidence to support their eligibility.
  3. Inheritance Claims: Sibling DNA testing can be crucial in inheritance disputes. It can help determine the biological relationship between potential siblings and clarify rightful heirs and beneficiaries.
  4. Immigration Cases: In immigration matters, siblings may need to establish a biological relationship to support visa applications or sponsorship. Sibling DNA testing can provide the necessary evidence to strengthen their case.
  5. Insurance Claims: Sibling DNA testing can be used to support insurance claims, particularly in cases where policy benefits cover only biologically related individuals and there is an uncertainty about an alleged biological sibling.

Sibling DNA Testing

Why Choose DDC Laboratories India?

When it comes to sibling ship DNA tests, selecting a reputable and reliable laboratory is of utmost importance. DDC Laboratories India stands out as a leading provider in the field. Here are a few reasons why we’re a preferred choice:

  • Trusted Expertise – With over a decade of experience in relationship DNA testing, we’ve established a reputation for accurate & reliable results. Guided by high ethical standards, we ensure the utmost precision in our testing processes, making us a trusted choice for DNA testing services.
  • Accredited DNA Test Reports – As a DNA testing center, we are proud to be the exclusive provider of NATA, MOJ, and CIC-accredited Immigration DNA Tests in India for Australia, the UK, and Canada, respectively. Moreover, we offer AABB-accredited Immigration DNA tests for the USA in collaboration with our trusted partner, DNA Diagnostics Center.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility – Equipped with a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, we use cutting-edge genetic analysis technologies. Our advanced equipment, coupled with stringent quality control measures, guarantees precise and consistent testing outcomes.
  • Fast Turnaround Time – We understand the significance of timely results. We also strive to deliver prompt and efficient services, providing clients with the information they need within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Wide Network of Collection Centers – We have a 250+ collection centre across India, making it convenient for individuals to provide DNA samples. Our collection centers maintain strict protocols to ensure sample integrity and accuracy.

Furthermore, we offer expedited services for siblingship DNA tests, allowing you to receive your results on the next day or the same day (T&C Applied).

To learn more or to book an appointment, reach us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771. Take the first step toward clarity and book your Siblingship DNA Test today!

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