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From Doubt to Certainty – Maternity DNA Test Sets the Record Straight!

Motherhood is a journey marked by love, joy, and countless cherished moments. However, there are instances when doubts and uncertainties cast shadows over this journey, particularly when it comes to establishing biological relationships. In such cases, a maternity DNA test emerges as a powerful tool that dispels doubts and provides a resounding affirmation of familial ties.

Understanding Maternity DNA Test

A maternity DNA test is a scientific procedure determining the biological relationship between a mother and a child. This test relies on analyzing the genetic material, the DNAs, of the individuals involved. Every individual’s DNA carries a unique genetic code that is inherited from their biological parents. By comparing the genetic profiles of the alleged mother & child, a maternity DNA test can conclusively establish whether the tested woman is the child’s biological mother or not.

How is a Maternity Test Done?

  • Sample Collection – The child and the mother samples are collected for a DNA test through buccal swabs and then sent for analysis.
  • Sample Collection at Home – The buccal swabs are rubbed with a circular up & down motion against the inside of the cheek walls for around a minute. After collecting the mother’s and the child’s DNA samples, the swabs are allowed to dry in the air, followed by packing & sending the samples to our DNA testing facility for analysis. The DNA testing kit contains a tamper-proof envelope on which the address of the facility is printed. After receiving the samples, we start the DNA analysis.


After the sample collection, the next step is to extract the DNA from the cells and break it down into smaller fragments called Short Tandem Repeats (STRs). In the next step, the STRs are subjected to the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process, which amplifies the short-length STRs to yield comprehensive data. Finally, the experts analyze the data & generate a unique pattern, i.e., the individual’s final DNA fingerprint/profiling.

Most Common Uses for a Maternity

Common Scenarios Where Maternity Test is Crucial

  • Adoption & Family Reunification: Maternity DNA tests play a crucial role in adoption cases, where individuals may seek to establish their biological relationship with their birth mother. By comparing DNA samples from the adoptee and alleged birth mother, these tests can provide the necessary evidence to confirm or establish maternity. This process facilitates family reunification, enabling individuals to connect with their biological roots and establish relationships.
  • Assisted Reproduction (IVF & Surrogacy): In cases of assisted reproductive techniques like in-vitro fertilization or IVF and surrogacy, maternity DNA tests offer a means to confirm the genetic relationship between the intended mother and the child. These tests provide assurance and validation for intended parents, ensuring that the child is genetically related to the intended mother and bringing peace of mind to all parties involved.
  • Immigration & Citizenship: Maternity DNA testing holds great significance in immigration and citizenship cases, especially when documents establishing maternity are missing or not recognized by immigration authorities. These tests can be used to verify biological relationships between mothers and children, providing essential evidence to support immigration applications or citizenship claims. Maternity DNA tests serve as a reliable means to establish the rightful claims of mothers and children, overcoming bureaucratic challenges and ensuring family unity.
  • Emotional Reconciliation: Maternity DNA tests can provide emotional closure and reconciliation for individuals separated from their biological mothers due to unforeseen circumstances. By establishing the biological relationship, individuals can find solace in understanding their origins and developing a sense of identity. These tests offer the opportunity for emotional healing and the strengthening of familial bonds.
  • Inheritance Claims: Maternity DNA testing can play a pivotal role in inheritance claims, ensuring that rightful heirs receive their due inheritance by confirming their biological relationships.

Why Choose Us for Maternity DNA Test in India?

DDC Laboratories India stands as a reliable destination for maternity DNA testing, all at reasonable costs. With an excellent track record of serving the public with 100% satisfaction, we excel in the DNA diagnostics field. Notably, we are the exclusive providers of MOJ, and NATA-accredited Immigration DNA tests for the UK, and Australia, respectively.

In the context of US immigration cases, we have partnered with DNA Diagnostics Center, a trusted name, to offer AABB-accredited Immigration DNA tests. This collaboration further underscores our commitment to accuracy and reliability.

We prioritize swift turnaround times for our DNA tests, including maternity DNA testing in India. Expedited services ensure you receive results the same or the following day (T&C Applied). Our services are easily accessible to individuals from all corners of India and abroad through our extensive network. Additionally, you have the convenience of ordering our DNA Testing Kit online or opting for a home collection facility. In the latter case, we send one of our sample collectors to your address for the sample collection.

For further inquiries or to schedule a Maternity DNA test in India, contact us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771. Our dedicated team is here to assist you through the process while maintaining the highest standards of service.

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From Doubt to Certainty - Maternity DNA Test Sets the Record Straight!

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