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Best DNA Testing Services at Affordable DNA Test Cost in India

A DNA test is the only reliable way of correct biological identification of an individual. You can get a DNA test for various purposes. A DNA test can be a real problem solver and often the only way for a biological relationship identification for peace of mind or a legal matter. The purpose and DNA testing cost – both are dependent on the type of DNA test done.

DDC Laboratories India is a reputed DNA testing company for accurate and reliable DNA tests at the best DNA test cost in India. Here, every DNA test is competitively priced, with the customers’ convenience at the priority.

How Are We Different – Things that make us the best for a DNA Test in India?

At DDC Laboratories India, we offer you the best in class DNA testing services with our test reports’ highest accuracy and admissibility. We are among the best Indian companies for class-leading DNA testing services at affordable DNA test prices in India.

The following things decide the DNA testing cost:

Purpose of the test: If a DNA test is done only for information or legal matter. The DNA test cost for a Peace of Mind (POM) Relationship DNA Test is less compared to the ones requiring a chain of custody.

Examples of POM DNA Tests:

  • POM Paternity DNA Test
  • POM Maternity DNA Test
  • POM Paternity Trio DNA Test
  • POM Siblingship DNA Test
  • POM Grandparentage DNA Test, and more.

A DNA Test requiring a chain of custody, like an embassy-approved Immigration DNA test, requires certain legal formalities, making DNA test cost a bit higher.

The number of Samples/Individuals involved: For example, the DNA test prices for a regular Paternity Test and a paternity Trio DNA Test are different.

Specialized DNA tests requiring Legal Formalities: For an immigration DNA test with Chain of Custody, the cost of a DNA test may vary, as there are various formalities required.

Ancestral Origins or a DNA Ancestry test: The cost of a DNA test for ancestry tests can be different based on the type of information you need.

Cell-Line Authentication DNA Test: These are DNA tests done to find out if there is a cell-line mix-up or cross-contamination.

Prices of Common DNA Tests at DDC Laboratories India:


Peace of mind tests Price
Paternity (no maternal involvement) 12000 INR
Paternity (with maternal involvement) 18000 INR
Maternity 12000 INR
Additional Person (1 other, e.g. second child) 6000 INR
Sibling ship 18000 INR
Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity 9 week onward 99000 INR
Identification Profiling 8000 INR
Grand-Parent test 18000 INR
Identification Profiling 8000 INR
Tests with Chain of Custody
Immigration 36000(Test Cost) + 6480(GST) = 42480 INR
Other tests
Cell line Authentication for any cell line 12000 INR
GPS Origins Ancestry Test 17000 INR

DDC Laboratories India is the only company providing AABB, NATA, and MOJ accredited Immigration DNA tests at a fair and reasonable DNA test price in India. For all other types of DNA tests, we offer you the best and industry-standard DNA testing services at the best and competitive DNA testing cost in India.


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Best DNA Testing Services at Affordable DNA Test Cost in India

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