What Paternity Testing Can and Can’t Tell You?

Paternity DNA Test can tell you a lot. When you order a Paternity DNA Test, we will explain exactly what you can expect and what DNA can’t cover. Today’s technology is so advanced that you are sure to get a definitive and accurate answer to your paternity question. But some people also think of getting specific details and characteristics about the test participants which is not possible by paternity DNA test.

What a Paternity DNA Test can tell You?

  • It helps to establish legal and social benefits, including benefits for social security, veterans and estate.
  • It also helps to detect a specific medical history for the child, providing the care provider with additional information during diagnosis and managing his or her health.
  • It reinforces the link between biological individuals, such as father and child.

What Paternity DNA Test can’t tell You?

  • This will not tell you what your child’s hair color will look like, how old your father will be, or the gender of the participant.
  • Identical twins have identical DNA, so it is impossible to determine paternity by means of affordable paternity tests at present. To find differences between them, one would have to sequence their entire genome – about six billion markers – which would be extremely expensive!
  • The Paternity Test does not determine whether the tested man is an uncle, a brother, a grandfather, a cousin, etc. A more complete analysis is needed to test these types of biological relationships and is called a family reconstruction test.
  • During home testing, the identity of the participants is not verified by an impartial third party or a witness. For this reason, unprejudiced paternity tests will not determine whether the sample submitted for the prospective father is his or is already submitted by another person. Similarly, a mother may submit DNA for her friend’s child instead of taking a sample for her own child. The laboratory cannot control this type of fraud and must assume in good faith that the submitted samples really belong to what the participants say they do.

Paternity DNA Testing can tell you many things however it is important to also understand what the paternity DNA Test cannot tell you. DDC offers several options for DNA Paternity Testing. The appropriate test option for you will depend on your situation or your needs. For more information on DNA Paternity Testing, Contact us or call us today at +91 8010177771, or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771.

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