Indian Ancestry DNA Tests – Needs, Types, And Where to Get One

DNA is responsible for heredity. Heredity is the process of determining the transfer of physical, biological, and other traits from a person to his/her offspring. Most of the DNA remains unchanged throughout the generations. This means that those traits will also be passed on to subsequent generations. This very nature and capabilities of the DNA transferring genetic information along the generational line makes ancestry testing possible. Today, you can get Ancestry DNA Tests in India at affordable prices and unravel interesting facts about your long-gone forefathers.

But what is the need for Ancestry DNA Tests? Why should you get an Indian Ancestry DNA Test? Lastly, where can you get the best Ancestry DNA Test in India? This blog answers these three questions and helps you understand the basics of ancestry testing in India.

Who Needs to Get an Ancestry DNA Test?

Ancestry testing provides key insights about one’s ancestors’ origin, ethnic makeup, life journey, and a whole lot of other information. Below is a list of people who might benefit from ancestry DNA tests in India or elsewhere.

  • Genealogy Enthusiasts: People who are interested in their family history and want to create or update their family trees should get Ancestry DNA tests.
  • Adoptees and Foster Children: Individuals, who were once a foster kid or were adopted by families, may seek to get an Ancestry DNA Test. The main cause remains about knowing one’s biological relatives. This, they may also do to know about their ancestors’ and therefore, their own ethnic backgrounds.
  • People of Mixed Ethnicities: People whose genetic make up is a mix of different ethnic backgrounds should also get an Indian Ancestry DNA Test. This may help them better understand about their unique genetic heritage. This in turn, helps the tested person find a link to different regions and cultures.
  • Individuals with Unknown Parentage: Individuals who are unsure or have a doubt about about their biological parents may find an Ancestry DNA Test a vital tool to restore their peace of mind. Ancestry testing is a must-have for such people who were conceived through sperm or ova (egg) donation.
  • People Concerned About Getting Inherited Diseases: As the DNA is passed on, disease-causing genes are also transferred to successive generations. This may increase one’s chances of getting inherited genetic diseases. Indian Ancestry DNA tests provide insights into your risk of getting an inherited disease that was prevalent in your forefathers.

People who wish to know about their ancestors, explore familial connections, ethnic roots, genetic makeup, etc., should get an Indian Ancestry DNA Test.

GPS Origin Ancestry Test

Types of Ancestry DNA Tests in India

In India, you can get the following types of Ancestry DNA Tests based on the type of information you are looking for.

Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – Paternal lineage ancestry testing uses the DNA of a male member of the family. This test traces the Y-DNA ‘haplogroup’ – specific population groups found in specific locations on the globe. As Y-DNA is present only in males, only a male can give the sample. This test traces the male ancestors of the family.

Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – Maternal lineage checks for the female ancestry of the family. Both male and female children receive mtDNA, that is, Mitochondrial DNA, from the mother. Therefore, this test can be opted for by both males and females, and anyone can give a sample for a Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA test in India.

GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test in India – The GPS Origins Test is the latest and one of the most advanced ancestry DNA tests in India and the world. This test helps find out your ancestors origin, a 1000 years into the past. The report of a GOS Origins Ancestry DNA test can pin-point specific location on the world map, suggesting your ancestors’ origin. It also traces the last three major migrations of your ancestors.

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Where to Get the Best Indian Ancestry DNA Test?

If you are looking to get the best Ancestry DNA Test in India, choose DDC Laboratories India. Here, we provide accurate and reliable Ancestry DNA tests at cost-effective prices.

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