Confidential Paternity DNA Test in India

Can I Get a Confidential Paternity DNA Test in India and Where?

Yes, you can. Of various types, confidential DNA testing is among the most opted type of DNA testing. When you want to confirm a biological relationship between two or more individuals without bothering anyone, a confidential DNA test is the way to go. Similarly, to establish your child’s paternity for peace of mind, you can get a Confidential DNA Paternity Testing services in India.

This blog takes you on the journey of DNA testing and how Confidential DNA Test in India is helping people. You will also learn about the sample collection and testing methods and where to get Confidential DNA Tests in India. Let’s begin!

Importance of a Confidential Paternity DNA Test

A confidential paternity testing is ideal and preferred over regular paternity testing when privacy and discretion are a priority. The following are some cases where getting a confidential paternity DNA test is intended:

  1. Discreet Testing: When keeping the results and the report of the paternity test confidential is intended, confidential paternity testing is done.
  2. Legal or Personal Reasons: Sometimes, maintain confidentiality becomes paramount due to legal or personal reasons or sensitive family dynamics. In such cases, getting a Confidential Paternity Test becomes the best option.
  3. Disagreement Over Paternity Testing: Often one party is most likely to disagree with the test but paternity testing is crucial for the sake of clarity of biological relationship. In such a case, the other party may want to get a Confidential Paternity DNA test done.
  4. Sensitive Family Matters: When paternity testing involves sensitive family issues or potential disputes, Confidential Paternity Testing can come to aid. This can help avoid conflict while clarifying about the paternity.
  5. Non-Invasive Sample Collection: Some confidential paternity tests allow for non-invasive sample collection (such as using cheek swabs) without requiring blood samples, which can be more discreet and convenient.

Confidential Paternity DNA Testing

It’s important to balance the confidentiality with legal and ethical considerations, especially when it involves minors. The same goes for cases of legal disputes where court-admissible paternity testing is required. Consulting with a reputable DNA testing provider and seeking legal advice are important, as the case may be. It can help you get the best out of a Confidential Paternity DNA Test in India.

Method of Confidential Paternity DNA Test in India

For a Confidential Paternity Testing services in India, the method is as follows:

  1. Sample Collection: The first step in getting a confidential paternity test is the sample collection. First, you have to contact a certified DNA testing company and let them know your preferred sampling option. This includes the preferred location for sample collection and the sample type. For a sample, you can give either a buccal swab or blood. Hair and nails can also be used. However, a viability test is required in such cases. At DDC Laboratories India, we provide multiple sampling options, including on-site collection at one of our collection centers and at-home collection. If you wish to have your samples collected at your preferred address, we can come and take your sample. Then, you can also order our ready-to-use DNA testing kits, in which you can take samples of up to 3 persons. Once you have collected your DNA samples as per the instructions provided on the kit, you have to send it to our testing facility, where we perform the analysis.
  1. Consenting: If the child and the alleged father are both adults, then they give they sign the consent form. If the child is a minor, then the alleged father gives his consent. If you are the mother consenting for a confidential paternity DNA test, you can sign on behalf of your minor child.
  1. DNA Testing Process: For a Confidential Paternity DNA Test in India, we use the STR profiling method. In this, the non-coding sequences, that is the STRs or Short Tandem Repeats, are studied. If the resultant DNA Profiles of the child and the alleged father, match, the paternity is confirmed. It means that the alleged father is the biological father of the child.
  1. Reporting: Once the analysis is complete the report is sent to the consenting party’s registered email address. If you are getting the confidential paternity DNA test in India, you can also opt for the physical copy of your report, which we can send you to your provided address.

Paternity DNA Test in India

Why DDC Laboratories India for a Confidential Paternity DNA Test?

In India, we are one of the most sought-after DNA testing companies for relationship DNA tests, including paternity.

Here, we make sure your test and the reports are kept confidential, and only you have access to any information regarding your test.

With 250+ collection centers across India, we make our DNA testing services easily accessible to the remotest parts of India.

Without express services, you can get your DNA test report as early as one day.* If you want to learn more or book a Confidential Paternity DNA Test in India, you can reach out to us. You can call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.
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