DNA Test in Sikkim

DNA test in Sikkim can be can be done at Gangtok, Lachung and Reshi. DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center has opened up various collection centers for DNA testing in India. DNA testing is the most accurate method when it comes to human identification. DNA testing is done in cases of war, natural calamities and other situations where the body has been spoilt beyond recognition. DNA can also be tested in case of immigration where the VISA is given once you prove relations. DNA testing is done for peace of mind. DNA paternity test, DNA Maternity test, DNA test for immigration, DNA ancestry test and all other DNA tests are done in these centers. DNA test can also be done to solve crime cases, adoption, infidelity and ancestry cases.

Paternity DNA test in Sikkim

Maternity DNA test in Sikkim

Relationship DNA test in Sikkim

Immigartion DNA test in Sikkim