DNA Test in Lachung, Sikkim

DDC Laboratories India is an AABB Certified laboratory and has now opened its collection center in the city of Lachung. Both legal and personal purposes are catered by a DNA Test in Lachung, Sikkim. DNA tests have gained immense attention and popularity and people have become aware of its advantages in the recent past.

Advantages of DNA test in Lachung :-

  1. DNA test helps people to find their lost ones through this DNA Test. Relationships can be legally proved by DNA testing and is accepted by court. Also DNA test is compulsory for VISA of few countries.
  2. Some people are very curious to know about their past and past can be disclosed by DNA test. Also the long time drug history of a person can be found out with a simple DNA Test.
  3. Few genetic diseases pass from one generation to another through genes and precautionary action can be taken if such diseases are detected in advance through a simple DNA test. DNA Testing in Lachung can save further generations from these.
  4. DNA laboratory ensures reliable and faster results. Also privacy of the patient is kept which further builds the faith of patients on the laboratory.
  5. It is truly said that there is nothing known as perfect crime. Criminals tend to leave one or the other clue at the crime spot. Crime scene is scanned by forensic team to collect samples left by the criminal like saliva, blood, hair etc and send for DNA Testing. This helps police of Lachung to catch criminals.
  6. Unidentified bodies, majorly during mass deaths like war or landslide etc can also be DNA tested. This may be done when the bodies have decomposed and cannot be identified. Forensics can perform DNA Test on blood, skin or even bones. It helps to find the legal heirs of the deceased and their immediate families could claim the body.

Contact us on +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771 for DNA test in Lachung and to avail the advantages of this test. Home DNA test Kit can also be ordered to collect the samples on your own.

Paternity DNA test in Lachung, Sikkim

Maternity DNA test in Lachung, Sikkim

Relationship DNA test in Lachung, Sikkim

Immigration DNA test in Lachung, Sikkim

DNA Test in Lachung, Sikkim

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