DNA Paternal Lineage Testing

DNA Paternal Lineage Testing is based on the fact that the DNA is passed on from the father to the son unaltered. It remains so for many generations.

By examining the DNA our history as far as our ancestors could be traced. Here our ancestors mean the people who populated the earth initially. It is feasible to perform a Paternal Lineage Test tracking direct male ancestry by scrutinizing the Y chromosome.

Methodical data prove that modern humans evolved in Africa and started moving outward. Distinctive sections of the male chromosome (Y) are examined to conclude an individual’s haplogroup. It exposes the geographic pedigrees of his ancestors as demonstrated by mutual DNA markers. These are called short tandem repeats (STRs).

After you decide to get the test done, you will be provided

Sample collection kit for DNA Paternal Lineage Testing

The kit contains a swab that has to be rubbed on the inside of the cheek. This sample has to be submitted to the laboratory to get the test done. The results would be provided within a week. You can also get the DNA test by submitting a sample of blood, hair or skin.

A certificate of result

This shows your haplogroup description and a chart showing your ancestors’ journey and also the segments of the biosphere where they settled originally.

The lineage result

you will also be provided the result for DNA Paternal Lineage Testing in the form of manual, PDF that elucidates your result in detail and specifies information about ancestry testing and the individual migration history.

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