DNA Test in Vasai Maharashtra

DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center has now opened a branch of DNA Testing center in Vasai. DNA Test in Vasai Maharashtra is an AABB Accredited DNA Test Center.
DNA test can be done for the following reasons. Some of them have been mentioned below.

For immigration – DNA test is a milestone in immigration purpose. Court accepts DNA test as a valid proof of relationship. And to apply for some countries VISA, relationship needs a proof. Here DNA testing plays a major role.

For adoption- To take precautions against genetic diseases in advance, DNA Testing is done. Mostly foster parents take the benefit of it, before adoption cases so that genetic diseases don’t affect the further generations.

To find drug history- DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center also helps to find the long term drug history of an individual.

To know your past- Many people are curious to know about their past and forefathers. DNA Test in Vasai will put an end to their curiosity.

To find out the criminal- With the facility of DNA testing in Vasai, the task of the police has been simplified and also saves there effort and time as DNA testing is done on the samples collected by the forensics from the crime spot.

To know the level of alcohol- Level of alcohol in the blood can also be measured with the help of DNA Test.

To detect dead bodies- If any dead body is unidentified then DNA testing helps to find its legal heirs .

Paternity DNA test in Vasai, Maharashtra

Maternity DNA test in Vasai, Maharashtra

Relationship DNA test in Vasai, Maharashtra

Immigartion DNA test in Vasai, Maharashtra