DNA Test in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

DDC Laboratories India has now opened its center DNA Test in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu. Our center aims to provide India with quicker and reliable results.

DDC Laboratories India is an AABB certified Laboratory and assures quick and reliable results. Each day new progressions are taking place in the ground of medication. DNA Test has become the most reliable way to find answers to many problems. DNA Forensics uses the latest technology and a team of experts conducts the tests.

There are various tests available for DNA. An important one of them is for peace of mind. Invasive and Non-Invasive test, Paternity test and maternity test are a few tests amongst many. Sibling DNA testing is also ordered by courts these days in case of property disputes.

A DNA test is very useful for immigration purpose. A DNA test is sometimes ordered by the court as it is a valid legal proof of any relationship. Some countries don’t issue a VISA unless you prove the relationship. Thus a DNA Test can also be ordered by the court. The court also accepts it as a valid proof of relationship.

DNA Test in Thoothukudi can be done to nab criminals. Each criminal leaves a clue at the spot of crime. The sample from the crime site can be taken which may be hair, semen, saliva, skin or even blood. The DNA test from the site can be matched with the suspects to conclude the case. This has helped the police immensely. This saves precious time and effort.

A DNA test can also trace your past. If you are keen to know your whereabouts and about your forefathers then you can get the DNA test done and get satisfactory answers to all your questions. With DNA testing you get to know the whole history about your interbreeding, migration, etc.

DNA tests are very beneficial in the case of unidentified bodies. This may be done in case of disasters and natural calamities where the bodies have decomposed and cannot be identified. In some cases, only bones are there and DNA testing of bones is done. This situation may also arise in wars, murder mysteries or disasters.

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Paternity DNA test in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

Maternity DNA test in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

Relationship DNA test in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

Immigration DNA test in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

DNA Test in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu