DNA Test in Thane, Maharashtra

DNA testing in Thane is now easily accessible at DDC Laboratories India. We are one of the best DNA Labs in Thane, Maharashtra, for accurate and reliable DNA tests. If you are looking for an accurate & reliable DNA Test in Thane, DDC Laboratories India is your answer.

Requirements for a DNA Test

Almost every cell of the body has DNA in it, which can be used in genetic testing. The easiest way of getting viable DNA for testing is to collect the epithelial cells on the cheek walls inside the mouth. Buccal swabs with sterile cotton tips at the ends are rubbed against the inside of the cheek walls to collect the cells, which are later used for extracting the DNA for testing.

Other samples like blood, semen, tissue, nails, hair, skin, etc., may need viability testing and hence, can increase the DNA Test Price in Thane.

Note- If you are giving hair samples or nail clippings, they should be respectively plucked and clipped from the roots.

The Prenatal Paternity DNA Test Price in Thane is higher due to the complexity involved in the test.

DNA Test Cost in Thane

For different types of tests, the DNA Test Price in Thane can vary. The following are some of the factors determining the cost of a DNA test.

  1. Participants– The number of people involved in the DNA test directly influences the DNA Test cost. Say you are getting a paternity test with your child without the inclusion of a mother, you pay less. But when a Paternity Trio Test is desired, the inclusion of mother’s sample in the test increases the DNA Test cost in Thane.
  2. Sample Type – Involvement of a viability test in case of hairs, nails, etc., increases the DNA Test Price in Thane.
  3. Specialized Tests – The DNA Test price in Thane for a specialized test, like immigration, ancestry, Prenatal Paternity (No Sex Determination), or cell line authentication, is variable.

You can give your sample at our Thane center or opt for a home collection facility. You can also order our DNA Testing Kit online and take the sample yourself. If you are concerned about the kit price, there is nothing to be worried about. The purchase amount for the kit is deducted from the overall DNA Test Cost.

What Makes us the best DNA Labs in Thane?

DDC Laboratories India is one of the best DNA Labs in Thane for authentic and highly reliable DNA tests. The following key points make us a preferred and one of the most trusted DNA Labs in Thane.

  • Competitive and Affordable DNA Test Cost in Thane, Maharashtra.
  • Multiple options to give the sample.
  • Hundreds of Collection Centers in India for submitting the samples.
  • DNA Testing Kit available online.
  • All types of DNA samples are used for the tests.
  • Fastest turn-around time.
  • Same Day report delivery (T&C applied)
  • AABB, NATA, and MOJ Accredited Immigration DNA Tests for the USA, Australia, and the UK, respectively.
  • Confidentiality of customers and their tests maintained at all times.

If you are searching for the Best DNA Labs in Thane that can do it all for you and fits your pocket, look no further than DDC Laboratories India. Contact our customer service representatives on +91 8010177771 (Call) or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771. They can guide you through the procedure involved, and DNA Test Cost in Thane and can help find the test that suits your requirement.

Paternity DNA Test in Thane, Maharashtra

Maternity DNA Test in Thane, Maharashtra

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Immigration DNA Test in Thane, Maharashtra

DNA Test in Thane, Maharashtra

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