DNA Test in Tezpur Assam

DDC Laboratories India has now reached in the city of Tezpur. DNA Test in Tezpur Assam can be undertaken for both legal and personal purposes.
There are many type of DNA tests available like Invasive test, Non Invasive test, Paternity, maternity and sibling test. Sometimes DNA test is also ordered by court.

DNA Diagnostics Tezpur is a AABB Certified laboratory.

Advantages of DNA test in Tezpur

  1. DNA Tests are of great help in case of mass deaths such as a situation of war or natural calamity. In such cases the dead bodies get ruined beyond recognition over the passage of time. Samples of bones, tooth or any part that is available can be used to perform DNA test and find the family of the deceased.
  2. There are few diseases that pass from parents to children through genes. Any abnormality in an individual can be detected through a simple DNA Test and treatment could be started to avoid it to pass to upcoming generations. Long time drug history of a person can be disclosed with DNA Test.
  3. DNA laboratory ensures faster results as hi tech and experienced personnel are a part of our team. Now the patients don’t have to wait for longer duration for results and can be sure about their privacy.
  4. There is nothing known as perfect crime and criminals leave one or the other clue at the crime spot which is collected by the forensic team. DNA test is conducted and the criminal is caught. Clues are in the form of saliva, blood, semen etc.
  5. DNA test can also be done for immigration purpose. Some countries only give VISA if their relationship with the relative to whom they are visiting is proved. Here DNA testing plays a major role. Also it helps to find and meet lost near and dear ones across the globe. DNA test is accepted globally.
  6. Level of alcohol in the blood can also be measured with the help of DNA Test in Tezpur Assam. Nurturing mothers and pregnant ladies are most benefitted of this test as it can be done at home.

Paternity DNA test in Tezpur, Assam

Maternity DNA test in Tezpur, Assam

Relationship DNA test in Tezpur, Assam

Immigration DNA test in Tezpur, Assam

DNA Test in Tezpur