DNA Test in Rewa Madhya Pradesh

DDC Laboratories India is now providing DNA Test in Rewa Madhya Pradesh. Easy collection of samples and quick results is what our center ensures.

Rewa is a small station but growing demand for a reliable laboratory is the reason DNA Diagnostics has opened here. Patients can rely on the laboratory as it is AABB certified Laboratory and it ensures reliable results at minimal costs.
Patient privacy is also taken care of.
Type of tests
Maternity, paternity test, Profiling and Sibling DNA test are various kinds of DNA Tests. But some are performed only if court orders for example in cases like siblings rivalry etc.

To catch criminals
DNA Test in Rewa helps judiciary and local police. Forensics teams collect sample from the site of crime and perform DNA test. Samples may vary from hair strand, semen, saliva etc. These samples are unintentionally left by the criminal at crime spot.

Ancestral History
Ancestral history can be disclosed through DNA testing and queries related to interbreeding, migration etc can be answered.

Immigration purpose
DNA test can also be done for immigration purpose. Few countries only give VISA if their relationship with the relative to whom they are visiting is proved. DNA test is a legal proof and is even accepted by court.

Identify Dead Bodies
DNA test is helpful in case of mysterious bodies. Disasters, wars and natural calamities leads to mass deaths and bodies decompose which cannot be identified.

Samples can be collected from home too according to customer’s convenience.

Paternity DNA test in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

Maternity DNA test in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

Relationship DNA test in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

Immigration DNA test in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh

DNA Test in Rewa