DNA Test in Raichur Karnataka

DDC Laboratories India, an AABB certified laboratory has opened a new branch DNA Test in Raichur Karnataka which solves legal and personal purposes.
There are many pluses of this testing

For nabbing criminal – DNA Testing in Raichur is of great help to catch criminal out of all the suspects. Clues like hair strand, semen, saliva etc are used for DNA testing.
To detect dead bodies – Sometimes dead bodies are found after a period of time and they can’t be identified. DNA testing of any part available is done to grant an identity to the dead body.
To detect Drug Record and level of alcohal – DNA testing to also used to find the drug record of any individual. Also kits can be used to check alcohol level in blood at home as per convenience of the patients.
For Immigration – DNA tests help in immigration purposes. It also helps to get VISA of countries where it is mandatory to prove relationship with the relative visiting. It is a legal proof accepted by court.
To know about your ancestors – People who want answers to everything related to their forefathers from migration to inbreeding can get this test done. DNA testing in Raichur helps people to know about their past.
For Adoption – Precautions related to genetic diseases can be taken if the disease is detected in parents before hand with the help Of DNA Test.

Paternity DNA test in Raichur, Karnataka

Maternity DNA test in Raichur, Karnataka

Relationship DNA test in Raichur, Karnataka

Immigration DNA test in Raichur, Karnataka

DNA Test in Raichur