DNA Test in Pune, Maharashtra

In India, DNA Testing services are gaining popularity due to the vast number of applications. One should always go for the labs having the highest reliability for accurate and reliable DNA tests. At DDC Laboratories India, we are providing a accurate and reliable DNA Test in Pune, Maharashtra. We are also known for our services at a much more affordable DNA Test cost in Pune and all over India. All these and many more reasons make us one of the best DNA Labs in Pune and India for a DNA Test.

You can choose from various options and get the best DNA Test in Pune, fitting your requirement. Here are the tests you can get at the best DNA Test Cost in Pune.

Peace of Mind DNA Tests – People looking for a DNA test for establishing the relationship proof with their alleged relatives can get a Peace of Mind DNA Test at an affordable DNA Test cost in Pune. These tests can be done in the following configurations:

  • Paternity DNA Test
  • Maternity DNA Test
  • Paternity Trio DNA Test
  • Prenatal Paternity Test [No Prenatal Sex Determination]
  • Siblingship [Full Siblingship or Half Siblingship DNA Test]
  • Grandparentage DNA Test

Immigration DNA Test – An Immigration DNA Test may be required to establish the genetic relationship between the petitioner (sponsor) and the beneficiary (applicant). In case of a doubt, the consular or the immigration officer may reject the visa application. To avoid such an event, you can get an Immigration DNA Test prior to applying for the visa.

DDC Laboratories India if providing various configurations of immigration DNA testing services at a fair DNA Test Price in Pune, for example:

  • AABB Accredited Immigration DNA Test-For USA
  • NATA Accredited Immigration DNA Test-For Australia
  • MOJ Accredited Immigration DNA Test-For UK

Ancestry Testing – Ancestry DNA Tests are a way of finding interesting facts and information about your long-gone forefathers. You can go for a specific Ancestry DNA Test in India., depending upon the type of info you are looking for, like

  • Paternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test
  • Maternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test
  • DNA Origins (Starter) Ancestry Test
  • GPS Origins Ancestry Test

You can choose an Ancestry DNA test at attractive DNA Test Cost at DDC Laboratories India by talking to our customer service representatives and book your test easily over a phone call.

Cell Line Authentication DNA Test – Cell line authentications are frequently and extensively used in genetic research, biotechnology study, drug and vaccine development, and many other fields. This test determines the misidentified, cross-contaminated, and genetically drifted cells in a reference cell line of interest.

At DDC Laboratories India, we are committed to providing our clients the best and a flawless experience gettingĀ  DNA tests in Pune, and that too at a fair and reasonable DNA Test Cost in Pune and India.
If you are a resident and searching for the best DNA Labs in Pune, we can answer for you. Here we are providing various options of sample collection you can choose from.

You can visit our center in Pune and give your DNA sample for the test. Alternatively, you can opt for a Home Collection facility, in which we send one of our collection agents to your provided address and collect the sample(s). Moreover, you can use our DNA Testing kit online and take the sample yourself. The method and steps in the collection process are all mentioned in the kit. All you have to do after collecting the sample is to send the sample in the damage-proof envelope provided in the kit to our testing facility.

We have the fastest turnaround time of 3-5 days. You can even expedite the process further by opting for our express services at a marginal extra DNA Test Cost in Pune.

Contact us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp us on +91 9213177771 to learn more about our testing process, the DNA Test price in Pune. Our representatives will help you choose a DNA Test in Pune, best suited to your needs. You can also book a DNA Test online.

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DNA Test in Pune, Maharashtra

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