DNA Test in Nagpur, Maharashtra

Growing awareness and popularity, along with competitive prices, have led more people to benefit from DNA testing services. If you are a Maharashtra resident, you can now get a DNA Test in Nagpur for your specific needs. We are offering accurate and reliable DNA Tests at the best DNA test cost in Nagpur.

Types of DNA Tests in Nagpur

DNA testing has many applications. You can get a DNA Test in Nagpur for the following purposes:

  1. Relationship Identification – You can get a DNA test in Nagpur for relationship identification. We provide various Peace of Mind Relationship DNA Tests in Nagpur and across India, including paternity, maternity, siblingship, and many more.
  2. For Immigration- DNA tests can be of help for immigration purposes. As many countries only grant a visa if the relationship of the applicant is proved with that of the sponsor. If you are applying for a visa, it is recommended that you get an Immigration DNA Test beforehand to avoid visa refusal. At DDC Laboratories India, you get immigration DNA tests in Nagpur for many countries, all under one roof.
  3. For Criminal Investigation – One of the fields where a DNA Test finds extensive application is forensics. With the help of a DNA profiling test from the biological samples received from a crime scene, law enforcement can easily convict the criminal.
  4. Cell Line Authentication – Cell-Line Authentication test is helpful in genetic research and studies, pharmaceutical research and production, etc. This test helps identify the cross-contamination, misidentification, and genetic drift errors in the cell line under the experiment. We are providing our Cell Line Authentication DNA tests in Nagpur and other parts of India and to various esteemed institutions.
  5. Ancestry DNA Test – Some people are curious to know about their forefathers, and getting an Ancestry DNA test is the way to do it. In India, we provide paternal/maternal lineage tests, DNA starter Ancestry tests, and GPS Origins tests at a fairly affordable DNA Test Cost in Nagpur and India.

Where to Give Sample for a DNA Test in Nagpur?

We are providing our customers with multiple options for sample collection.

  1. First, you can visit our office or one of our 250+ collection centers in India, including Nagpur. You can bring the required documents (as per the test’s requirement) and give your sample for a DNA test in Nagpur.
  2. Second, you can call one of our sample collection agents at your address (T&C applied) and give your sample from the comfort of your home.
  3. The third option is to buy our DNA testing kits online and collect the sample(s) yourself by following the instructions on the kit. It’s a completely painless and easy process. Once your sample(s) are collected, you have to send them to our testing facility for analysis.

Sample Collection Method and DNA Testing

The first step in getting a DNA Test in Nagpur is to submit the samples of the tested parties.

We use buccal swabs to collect the DNA sample of the parties. The swabs are rubbed inside the cheek walls of your mouth, from where it collects epithelial cells.

These cells contain DNA, and the latter is extracted from the cell, following which the DNA test begins.

For DNA testing, we use the STR Profiling method. Once the testing is done, the report is shared with the customer on his/her registered email ID.

Why Choose DDC Laboratories India for a DNA Test in Nagpur?

We are one of the best DNA diagnostics service providers in India. If you want to get a DNA test in Nagpur or anywhere else in Maharashtra or India, DDC Laboratories India is the answer for you.

Here we keep the customer’s privacy and confidentiality of their test report on our top priority, besides the accuracy of our test reports.

We are the only DNA testing company in India to provide accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Nagpur.

When it comes to the DNA test cost in Nagpur, we are among the best. We provide you with 100% accurate and reliable reports with the best-in-class services at an affordable DNA test cost in Nagpur.

For any inquiry about the process of the DNA Test cost in Nagpur, feel free to contact us at the numbers provided. You can directly book a DNA Test in Nagpur by calling us on +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA Test in Nagpur, Maharashtra

Maternity DNA Test in Nagpur, Maharashtra

Relationship DNA Test in Nagpur, Maharashtra

Immigration DNA Test in Nagpur, Maharashtra

DNA Test in Nagpur, Maharashtra

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