DNA Test in Mangalore Karnataka

DNA Test in Mangalore Karnataka is an AABB certified laboratory, DNA Diagnostics has all the facilities and keeps it up to date with the advancements made in the field of medicine and provides reliable results.
A few benefits of DNA testing are mentioned below.

  1. Forensic teams collect clues like semen, hair, blood etc from crime spot. It is seen that criminals generally leave a clue at the crime spot.
  2. Sometimes during mass deaths, deceased bodies can’t be recognized. DNA testing when done on any body part like bones or blood helps to find the identity of the dead body and also the family of deceased.
  3. DNA testing is a milestone in the field of Immigration and helps in applying for VISA of few countries for which relationship needs to be proved.
  4. DNA testing helps to find the ancestors and about the previous generations of any person. People can know about their forefathers, from where they migrated etc through DNA Test. Also, the long-term drug record of any individual can be disclosed through DNA Test.
  5. To take precautions against genetic diseases in advance, DNA Testing is done. Mostly they are used in adoption cases so that genetic diseases don’t affect the further generations.
  6. DNA Testing in Mangalore is useful for people to keep a check on the level of alcohol in their blood by just sitting at their home. It’s a must use for nursing mothers

Paternity DNA test in Mangalore, Karnataka

Maternity DNA test in Mangalore, Karnataka

Relationship DNA test in Mangalore, Karnataka

Immigration DNA test in Mangalore, Karnataka

DNA Test in Mangalore