DNA Test in Ludhiana Punjab

India has made considerable development in all areas. DNA testing in India was never imagined to be so easy. With the setting up of collection centers for DNA Test in Ludhiana Punjab, many problems can be solved by a simple DNA test. DNA testing has gained popularity since it has helped in cases where there was no optimism. Several collection centers have been opened up in Punjab for the convenience of the clients. People can get Maternity DNA test, Paternity DNA test, Relationship DNA test and Ancestry DNA test done with ease. DDC Laboratories India is a reliable laboratory that produces 100% accurate results at a reasonable price.

We also conduct sibling ship DNA test to check if the children are from the same parent or not, ancestry lineage to check family history or hereditary problems in the family. In case of immigration applications, we conduct embassy approved DNA tests for countries like UK, US and other countries when sufficient required documents are not presented.

We offer a variety of DNA testing services to meet the needs of every clients. For any sort of DNA Test in Ludhiana Punjab please fill the form and our executive will contact you or for any further communication, call us at +91 7533008488.

Paternity DNA test in Ludhiana, Punjab

Maternity DNA test in Ludhiana, Punjab

Relationship DNA test in Ludhiana, Punjab

Immigration DNA test in Ludhiana, Punjab

DNA Test in Ludhiana