DNA Test in Katra Jammu & Kashmir

Katra is a small town in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located at the foothills of Trikuta Mountains where the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi is located. Although many tourists visit here, this place was short of a good DNA testing laboratory. DDC Laboratories India took note of it and has opened up various collection centers all over India. Katra is one of them. People are very happy with the service of DNA Test in Katra Jammu & Kashmir.

DNA testing could be done to answer many questions. These tests are done for peace of mind like paternity DNA test and maternity DNA tests. Criminal cases can also be solves since there is a proof. Dead bodies can also be detected even if they are destroyed beyond recognition due to war or natural calamity. Infidelity cases can be solved with ease since most of the infidelity cases are baseless and only emotional. Now with DNA testing these cases too have a scientific proof. It is useful for immigration also.

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Paternity DNA test in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir

Maternity DNA test in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir

Relationship DNA test in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir

Immigration DNA test in Katra, Jammu & Kashmir

DNA Test in Katra