DNA Test in Dharwad Karnataka

DDC Laboratories India has now in the city of Dharwad. DNA Test in Dharwad Karnataka is an AABB certified laboratory.

Although DNA tests have gained immense attention in last few years but still a major percentage of population is still unaware about this test.

Advantages of DNA test in Dharwad  Karnataka

  1. Many criminal cases are solved through the help of DNA testing which is performed on the evidences collected from crime scenes like semen, blood etc.
  2. If an adopted child has any genetic problems that there is a high probability that it may pass on to generation to come but this can be avoided through DNA Testing.
  3. Past history of any individual, be it related to his/her forefathers or be his/her personal history like long term drug history can be disclosed through a simple DNA test. It helps police to keep a track of the drug history of the criminals.
  4. In cases of mass deaths, some bodies can’t be identified as they get rotten. DNA test can be done on blood, bones or even hair to find the identity of the deceased and hence handover the body to its legal heirs.
  5. Immigration and VISA related issues can be solved through DNA test. Relationships can be proved through this test and it is a legal proof which is even accepted by court. For VISA of few countries, DNA test is compulsory.

So visit DNA test in Dharwad and avail the advantages of this test.

Paternity DNA test in Dharwad, Karnataka

Maternity DNA test in Dharwad, Karnataka

Relationship DNA test in Dharwad, Karnataka

Immigration DNA test in Dharwad, Karnataka

DNA Test in Dharwad