DNA Test in Daltonganj Jharkhand

DDC Laboratories India now providing DNA Test in Daltonganj Jharkhand. Easy collection of samples and quick results is what our center ensures.

Growing demand for a reliable laboratory is the reason DNA Diagnostics is opened in the city. Patients can rely on the laboratory as it is AABB certified Laboratory. It has all the equipments according to the new advancements in the field of medicine. Lab experts use latest technology to conduct test.
Drug use
DNA forensic laboratory can check drug use and its long term history with the help of DNA test.

Immigration purpose
DNA test can also be done for immigration purpose. Court accepts DNA test as a valid proof of relationship. And to apply for some countries VISA, relationship needs a proof. Here DNA testing plays a major role.

Ancestral History
Ancestral history can be traces through DNA testing. Patients can get answers of all their questions related to their family, migration, evolution, interbreeding etc with the help of a simple DNA test.

To catch criminals
DNA Test in Daltonganj acts as a helper to the judiciary and police. You just need is a sample from the site of crime. The sample can be in the form of hair strand, semen or saliva. DNA test reports are matched with the suspected criminals to catch hold of the real culprit.

Identify Dead Bodies
DNA tests are very beneficial in case of unidentified and mysterious bodies. Disasters and natural calamities results in mass deaths and sometimes where the bodies decompose and cannot be identified. DNA testing helps in such situations to find the identity of the dead.

Type of tests
There are various test of DNA. Few of them like maternity and paternity test are done for the peace of mind. Even Profiling and Sibling DNA test are available these days. Some of the tests are done only after the court orders.

DNA test in Daltonganj also have the facility of collecting samples from home to ease the patients. Patients can themselves collect their samples with the help of Buccal Swab Kit.

Paternity DNA test in Daltonganj, Jharkhand

Maternity DNA test in Daltonganj, Jharkhand

Relationship DNA test in Daltonganj, Jharkhand

Immigration DNA test in Daltonganj, Jharkhand

DNA Test in Daltonganj