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Today, with our mainstream and specialized DNA testing services, we are serving to various DNA testing needs of our different customers. If you are a resident of Bhiwadi, Haryana, and want a DNA test, you can reach us on our numbers. But first, let’s answer a few questions, a first time, and even familiar users may be having in their minds about DNA testing. If you are looking for a DNA test in Bhiwadi, Haryana, you are at the right place!

What Exactly is DNA Testing? Can I Trust It?

Yes, you can trust the reports of DNA testing. However, make sure you are getting it from the right place. DNA is the abbreviated form of the word Deoxyribonucleic acid. It is the hereditary material of the body, which is responsible for the growth, reproduction, and sustenance of humans and almost every higher living organism.

Now, since the DNA is inherited by us humans from our parents and will later be passed on to our offspring, two people can be tested for a genetic (biological) relationship using the DNA testing process. Due to this unique ability of the DNA and its resemblance with the DNA of our blood relatives, a DNA test finds a whole range of applications in today’s world. Commonly used DNA Tests are listed as under. You can choose from and get any of these DNA tests in Bhiwadi, Haryana, or anywhere in India and the world.

What are the Types of DNA Tests in Bhiwadi, Haryana? Which One is for Me?

Depending upon the type of information you seek, you can get the following types of DNA Tests in Bhiwadi.

  • Relationship Identification DNA Tests – As the name suggests, such DNA tests are done for establishing or ruling out the genetic, that is, the biological linkage between two or more individuals. Most common examples include paternity and maternity DNA testing. Besides, you can also choose from the following types of DNA Tests, depending upon the relationship in question.
  • Paternity Trio DNA Test – Paternity testing involving the mother’s participation is known as a Paternity Trio DNA Test. The regular type of paternity testing is also called a ‘motherless’ paternity DNA test.
  • Prenatal Paternity Test [NO SEX DETERMINATION] – If the paternity of an unborn child is in question, getting a Non-invasive Prenatal paternity test may come in handy. This test does not involve sex determination of the child in the womb and is completely safe for both the fetus (unborn baby) and the mother. For this test, only the mother’s blood sample is taken, unlike the amniocentesis, where withdrawing amniotic fluid was required. In the latter case, it was very risky for the health and life of the two. The alleged father has to give a buccal swab for the sample.
  • Grandparentage DNA Test – A grandparentage DNA test confirms or disproves the alleged biological relationship between the grandparents and the grandchildren. Alternatively, a grandparentage DNA test can also be used as a substitute for regular paternity or maternity testing in case the immediate parents are deceased, missing, or unavailable.
  • Siblingship DNA Test – A DNA test that is done to establish the biological relationship between two alleged siblings. This test is available in two different configurations – full or a half siblingship DNA test.
  • Specialized DNA Tests – You can go for a DNA Test in Bhiwadi, Haryana, or anywhere in India, also for immigration needs. In case of a visa refusal or fresh application, proving the biological relationship between the sponsor and the beneficiary (applicant) often becomes necessary, which is possible with a DNA Test.

Similarly, Cell Line Authentication is another critical DNA test for research facilities, educational institutes, biotechnology companies, etc. It is used frequently to check the authenticity of their cells under study/experimentation.

Where to Get a DNA Test in Bhiwadi, Haryana?

Getting a DNA Test in Bhiwadi, Haryana, is now possible and easy. We, DDC Laboratories India, are now offering accredited Immigration and other DNA tests in Bhiwadi and other parts of Haryana and India.

You can contact us to find your nearest collection center and visit and give your DNA sample(s) for the test. Alternatively, you can go for a home collection facility, in which we will visit you at your provided address and collect the sample. At DDC Laboratories India, you also have the option to order your DNA test kit online and submit the sample for your desired DNA test in Bhiwadi, Haryana, for a given purpose.

We are among the most reliable DNA testing companies when it comes to 100% accuracy and reliability. From a Paternity DNA test to a maternity DNA test and more sophisticated Cell Line Authentication, we are your one-stop shop for various DNA Tests in Bhiwadi, Haryana.

Want to learn more or book your DNA Test in Bhiwadi, Haryana? Call at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771. We will be happy to help.

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Maternity DNA Test in Bhiwadi

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DNA test in Bhiwadi, Haryana

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