DNA Test in Bhagalpur Bihar

DDC Laboratories India has now opened its center in a major city of Bihar with the name, DNA Test in Bhagalpur Bihar.

DDC Laboratories India is an AABB certified Laboratory and has all the facilities of a modern laboratory.

There are various tests available for DNA like Paternity test and maternity test, Invasive and Non Invasive test.

DNA test is useful for immigration purposes. DNA test is sometimes ordered by court to prove relationship so that VISA can be granted as it is compulsory for some countries. DNA Testing in Bhagalpur helps people seeking VISA.

DNA test also ends our curiosity to know about our previous generations or our forefathers.

DNA forensic laboratory also help to disclose the long term drug history of any individual.

DNA Test in Bhagalpur helps to solve criminal cases. It has helped forensics and police and eased their work as any clue left at the crime spot by criminal can be tested and criminal can be caught. Clue may be in the form of semen, saliva or blood.

DNA testing helps to know the about the unidentified bodies. Sometimes, in case of mass deaths or over the course of time, bodies become unrecognizable and here is when DNA Testing comes in use.

DNA test in Bhagalpur assures reliable and confidential results.

Paternity DNA test in Bhagalpur Bihar

Maternity DNA test in Bhagalpur Bihar

Relationship DNA test in Bhagalpur Bihar

Immigration DNA test in Bhagalpur Bihar

DNA Test in Bhagalpur