DNA Test in Banka Bihar

DDC Laboratories India has opened a new branch DNA Test in Banka Bihar which solves legal and personal purposes.
There are many advantages of this testing

  1. To know about your ancestors – People can get answers of their questions related to ancestral History and forefathers through DNA Testing. DNA testing in Banka helps people to know about their past.
  2. For nabbing criminal – DNA Testing in Banka helps to catch hold of criminals. Test can be done on any clue collected from crime scene and criminal is caught.
  3. For Adoption – Genes are which flow from one generation to another and with them follow genetic diseases. But theses can be avoided if they are detected through a DNA Test and precautionary steps are taken.
  4. To detect Drug Record – DNA testing to also used to find the drug record of any individual.
  5. To know level of Alcohol – DNA Testing in Banka provides kit which can be used by an individual to check level of alcohol in blood at home only.
  6. For Immigration – DNA testing helps people to get VISA of countries where for immigration relationship needs to be proved. Court also orders testing sometimes in such cases as it is a legal proof.
  7. To detect dead bodies – Sometimes dead bodies are found after a period of time and that makes bodies unrecognizable. DNA testing helps to find near and dear ones of the deceased.

Paternity DNA test in Banka, Bihar

Maternity DNA test in Banka, Bihar

Relationship DNA test in Banka, Bihar

Immigration DNA test in Banka, Bihar

DNA Test in Banka