DNA Test in Aurangabad Bihar

DNA Test in Aurangabad Bihar is AABB certified laboratory, DNA Diagnostics has all the facilities and experiences professionals to conduct test and provide reliable results.
A few benefits of DNA testing are mentioned below.

  1. DNA testing helps to find the past of any person. People can know about their previous generations, from where they migrated etc through DNA Test. In past, we include the drug record of any individual.
  2. Genetic disorders can be prevented to pass on the generations to come through DNA testing as precautionary action can be taken before hand.
  3. Sometimes, in case of natural calamities, deceased bodies can’t be recognized. DNA testing when done on any body part like bones or blood helps to find the identity of the dead body.
  4. DNA Testing helps to solve criminal cases and close police files. Forensic teams survey and collect clues from the crime spot which could be tested like hair, blood or saliva.
  5. DNA testing plays an important role for Immigration related cases as relationship needs an approval to apply for VISA of few countries.
  6. DNA Testing in Aurangabad is useful for people to check the level of alcohol in their blood by just sitting at their home.

Paternity DNA test in Aurangabad Bihar

Maternity DNA test in Aurangabad Bihar

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DNA Test in Aurangabad