DNA Test in Asansol West Bengal

DDC Laboratories India has now reached in the city of Asansol. DNA Test in Asansol West Bengal can be undertaken for both legal and personal purposes.

DNA Diagnostics Asansol is a AABB Certified laboratory.

Advantages of DNA test in Asansol

  • Genetic diseases, if can’t be cured but can be prevented to a great extent with the help of a simple DNA Test. Also Foster parents can get this test of the child they are adopting to avoid any disease passing on to the further generations to common. So DNA Testing in Asansol helps to detect genetic diseases.
  • DNA laboratory ensures faster results as hi tech and experienced personnel are a part of our team. Now the patients don’t have to wait for longer duration for results and can be sure about their privacy.
  • DNA testing extends a great help to Asansol police to solve criminal cases. Any body part, be it semen or a single strand of hair when undergoes DNA test helps to catch the criminal out of the suspects.
  • DNA test can prove to be fruitful in case of mass deaths. DNA test helps to find the identity of the deceased.
  • Long time drug history of a person can be disclosed with DNA Test.
  • DNA test has acted as a tool to unite people across this Globe. DNA test in Asansol helps the people to legally prove their relationship by DNA testing. It is accepted by court.

Paternity DNA test in Asansol, West Bengal

Maternity DNA test in Asansol, West Bengal

Relationship DNA test in Asansol, West Bengal

Immigration DNA test in Asansol, West Bengal

DNA Test in Asansol