DNA Test in Agra Uttar Pradesh

DNA Testing fulfills several purposes such as legal issues, immigration issues and even to detect diseases. DDC Laboratories India has opened a new branch DNA Test in Agra Uttar Pradesh.
Although there are many advantages of this testing but some of the major zones are mention below

  1. For Adoption – Genes play a huge role in our body. Many diseases are due to our genes. To detect any kind of abnormality, DNA testing is done. To take precautionary action in advance, DNA Testing is done. DNA testing helps in adoption cases so that genetic diseases don’t pass on to the generation to come.
  2. To detect Drug Record – DNA testing to also used to find the drug record of any individual
  3. To know about your ancestors – Ancestral History can be uncovered through DNA Testing. DNA testing in Agra gives this opportunity to people who are keen to know about their roots.
  4. For nabbing criminal – DNA Test in Agra Uttar Pradesh can be used as a helper to the local police to get a clue of the criminal. From a single strand of hair to a blood drop, or even saliva can work as a clue to nab the criminal. Samples are collected from the crime scene and DNA Testing is done.
  5. To know level of Alcohal – DNA Testing in Agra can be used to find out the level of alcohol in blood of any individual. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are the ones most benefited from this test and this test conducted at home also.
  6. For Immigration – DNA testing has proved to be a milestone in the zone of immigration. Certain countries have make DNA testing compulsory for immigration. DNA test is a reliable test to prove your blood relations and is accepted by court.
  7. To detect dead bodies – In cases of natural calamity, where mass deaths occur, sometimes deceased bodies get rotten over the period of time. In such cases DNA testing helps to find their family. Any body part can be used for DNA Test be it bones, blood or skin.

Paternity DNA test in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Maternity DNA test in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Relationship DNA test in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Immigration DNA test in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

DNA Test in Agra